Hello my mean spirited, evil little friend!

Can you see me?
Can you feel me?
Can you see how small you are?

You can't hurt me now,
I'm above you,
And behind you.

You can't stop me now,
I'm right next to you,
And inside you.

I've had enough of all of you,
I've had enough of your pathetic life,
I've had enough of your worthless soul!

Once I would have let you go,
But now you are mine forever.

Once you eluded others,
But now I can see your soul.

You shallow, incomplete shadows of humanity,
How I delight in watching you squirm in agony!

You mockery of life, you waste of flesh,
How I delight in watching you squirm in the tomb you made for yourself.

Your screams are as music to my ears,
Your torment makes me laugh,
Your suffering is my pleasure,
Your tears are my wine,
Your pain nourishes my being.

My eyes burn into your soul when you close your eyes,
You spin around, seeing only the inky darkness of your being reflected back at you.

Yet in your soul my eyes linger on,
My horrible black smile is etched there.

I will always be watching you,
Whenever you fall I will laugh,
I will never lose sight of you,
Whenever you cry I will feast upon your sadness,
I will hound your steps as long as you walk this earth,
Whenver you suffer I shall spit upon your hope.

End your life, that is all you are good for now,
End it so that I no longer have to waste my time following you, worm,
End it now because you are not worth my anger,
End it so that I no longer feel the need to spend my breath cursing you, worm,
End your life, so that you no longer burden this world with your meager presence.

Only from death shall you glean comfort,
Only the grave shall give you solace,
Only the reaper can end your suffering!