Twisted mockeries of life cackle and hiss,
An evil shadow's gleeful kiss,

Hatreds pool,
Torments spark,
Fears rule,
Souls dark,

Unnatural contortions of the mind,
I wonder what they leave behind,
A darkness that charrs the soul?
Or a glittering eye in a unseen hole?

Does it skitter and scratch and shriek through the alleyways of my mind?
A tasty slit to burrow into it must find.
Can anyone hear the chitter and croon as needle-claws into the mind do tear?
It digs into reality's empty pockets with little care.

Then it darts away, hidden doubt and things unclear.
These places it lurks still, furious hatred burns in glinting eyes that suddenly appear,
With manic glee, it clutches to itself a promise to fear:
It will always be near.