Three years ago
That's when you turned away
And left me here alone
Why couldn't you stay?
Labelled as a fighter
You never once gave up
You'd strive for the best in things
Never allow yourself to stop
When piercing looks came your way
You'd simply turn a cheek
And show them you're the better man
Climb the mountain, stand proudly at it's peak
Every challenge you'd overcome
And eagerly await the after
You'd come out on top against all the odds
And prove you were no martyr
All was good and even though
You carried on this way
We all knew it wouldn't last
And there would come a day
Your fighter sense would surely fail
And you'd begin to wane away
And on that day a challenge arose
That you just couldn't overcome
And now you lie there beneath the earth
Your body cold and numb
I know you're gone
But I just don't know why
You gave up the fight
And let your spirit die
Why won't you come back?
Why couldn't you stay?
Were things really that bad
That you had to go away?
You left me alone Dad
With nowhere to turn
And three years gone further down the line
The pain inside still burns. . .