What happens behind the screen?
The messy keyboard typing,
Behind the sms talk,
Behind the long phone calls.

What happens when I'm not there?
When I am not there to hold you,
Who do you smile at?
Who do stare at when I'm not there?

Whose body do you admire?
Whose smile entices you?
Do my eyes still beckon?
Who kisses you goodnight?

Why did you close the door?
And leave me there broken,
With the rose in my hand,
My blood tracing lace.

Why did the vase break?
Why did the water spill?
Why did you get angry?
It was your fault you betrayed.

Whose heart are your caressing?
With your love filled words,
Why aren't I there?
To lie within your arms.

Why do I let you do this?
Treat me like I'm everything.
Not worth treating well.
Why do you hurt me so?

Why do you let the tears drop,
Swell onto the carpet,
Let the red turn crimson,
It's not blood, but life essence.

Who did you last make love to?
Was it my skin beneath yours?
Was it my name you last called?
Or did you spill to someone else?

Who did you last kiss?
Kiss goodnight?
Who did you last hold?

Last hold in your arms?
I'm sick of the way,
You look through me.
I'm sick of the way you feel,
Your ice cold touch,
Your fingers dance.
I may be a woman,
But I have a brain,
I do hold a heart,
Don't rip it apart,
Stop with these games,
You've caused too much pain.
Does the other girl know?
Does the other girl care?
Or am I the only one,
To suffer from this pain.
The last red rose,
I hold in my hand,
I throw to your face,
The red drips.
What happened to when,
You used to care?
You used to love,
You used to have me.

By Siobhan
Date: 8/April/2004