Title: Reckless

Author: i_nv_u50

Claimer: Characters are mine. Ask if you want them, ne?

Rating: PG13 for kinda crude language...

Warning: Cutesy, slashy sap and heartsy angstiness... Pretty much like last time XD

Author's Notes: Sorry it took so long T.T ... Stuff happened.

On the bright side, muse replies are at the bottom. And don't kill me for the cliffhangers. I'm not entirely happy with this one, so I'll rewrite it if anyone else doesn't like it. .

Anywhoo. Yeah. Enjoy XD

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Chad was lazing on the sundeck, watching Darryl play frisbee with their border collie and admiring the way his brother's muscles rippled under somewhat paling skin. Jess, their labrador cross alsation was nosing around his ribcage, and Chad sat up, unenamoured of the cold nose.

He told her so, and played roughly with the dog for a few minutes, caught completely by surprise when another mass of fur and energy tackled his shoulder.

Darryl, running up from the garden, was grinning madly as Chase started gnawing delightedly on Chad's ear, despite the twin's protests, and he eventually looked up past the black fur to glare at Darryl.

"A little help here, please?"

"Only if you go swimming with me."

"Darryl," Chad replied, exasperated. "It's winter! Today's a good day for lazing in the sun seeing as it has blessed us with its rare presence. Swimming is not the thing to do."

"You'll get to see me wet," Darryl remarked slyly, coming closer to help drag the still chewing collie away. "And you know how much you enjoy that."

"That's got nothing to do with it. If I go swimming now, I'll be too cold to enjoy the sun afterwards. I don't want that, and neither should you."

"I think I can handle the cold if we get to fool around a little," Darryl replied, and dragged Chase away bodily. The dog immediately turned on him, trying to bite his feet off at the ankles. The younger twin was occupied for a moment with avoiding the dog, and then Jess decided to join in, turning Chase's attentions to her and away from his owner.

Darryl sidestepped them as they tumbled into the garden in a mess of fur and growls and wagging tails, before going to sit decidedly in his brothers lap.

Chad blinked up at him. "Hi."

"Hey," Darryl smirked. "Wanna go fuck?"

Chad looked remarkably tempted. "I'd have to leave the sun then, wouldn't I."

"Yeah," Darryl tilted his head. "But you'd get me instead."

"Almost tempting," Chad muttered under his breath, lowering his head to kiss the center of Darryl's chest. "You have no idea how tempting."

"I think I might," Darryl replied, his hands creeping up to cup the sides of Chad's neck. "What do you think I'm made of, marble? I can be tempted jut as well as you can."

"Oh yeah?" Chad grinned, and lifted his head, his eyes inviting.

"Absolutely," Darryl replied almost inaudibly, and ducked his head to kiss his brother, tilting for better access and allowing Chad's tongue free reign in his mouth.

It was the only excuse they had; that they were too distracted, that the kiss was too deep and mind consuming, to realise the arrival of someone else on the sundeck.

Wild barking from the dogs made Darryl open his eyes and pull back to look around, dread and fear beginning to settle in his stomach. Chad must have forgotten about the dogs, because he was kissing Darryl's neck in a purposeful way that would have had Darryl totally incoherent, had he not heard the dogs. The dogs only barked like that when their father was around, and when Darryl turned his head slowly to the doorway of the house, his worst fears were realised.

They stared at each other for a moment, Chad still blissfully oblivious, Darryl watching as his father's eyes grew wider and all the blood rushed out of his face. Then reflexes kicked in, and the younger twin shoved back from his brother, standing up and swaying slightly from the realisation and registering of the thought that they were in deep trouble.

Oh god. What now?

Chad had opened his eyes, indignant for a split second before he registered the dogs and Darryl's expression, and then he too turned his head to the doorway where their father was still standing shocked and stunned.

Chad took a deep breath and Darryl envied him for his capability to breath at a moment like this. "Good morning, Dad."


"I didn't know you were a picky eater," Skylar mused, holding back a grin at Mikah's distasteful expression.

Mikah glanced up at him and blinked. "I don't like bagels, that's all."

Skylar's grin broke out. "You should have told me that before I bought them."

"You didn't tell me you were planning to buy them," Mikah retorted, a sly smile starting in his eyes. "Otherwise I would have told you."

Skylar sighed loudly and shook his head, standing up again. "All right, what do you want?"

Mikah looked up at him, tilting his head. "Surprise me," he said, and Skylar rolled his eyes.

"I hate it when people do that," he muttered, and ignored Mikah's smirk while he made his way to the counter. He made his way back with two carrot muffins, and was vaguely pleased when Mikah smiled at him and started eating.

"So," he started, when Mikah had demolished one of the muffins. "How has your holiday been so far?" He regretted the question before it was half out of his mouth.

Mikah stared at him, caught off guard, and slightly sarcastically. "Well, I got dragged home early for painting a picture, got kicked out my house for being a fag, found out my roommate has been lying to me for the past six months, spent a few days in utter misery, get coerced to start dating my roommate, and find out I can't get back to school because nobody's paying for my tuition and boarding. So far, it's been a wonderful December. How about you?" He took a bite of his second muffin.

Skylar winced. "Um. It's been all right..."

Mikah rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. "Look, Skylar. It's okay. Well, no, it's not, but it will be. Shut up and let me eat."

Skylar tossed his hair out of his eyes and looked around, accepting Mikah's words mildly. He should at least let the brunette eat. "So you have anything in particular you want to do today?"

"Sleep," Mikah answered shortly, and his eyes crinkled at the corners over the top of his coffee mug.

Skylar smirked back. "With me?"

"Sure," Mikah replied carelessly, and took a sip of the bitter drink, shivering a little as it hit his body.

Skylar made a choking sound and leaned forward in his chair. "Serious?"

"No," Mikah replied tonelessly, and took some more muffin. "You think I'd sleep with you so soon?"

Skylar shrugged, grinning sheepishly as he settled back into his chair more comfortably. "I dunno, we've known each other long enough, haven't we?"

Mikah shook his head and stared at the muffin, his eyes narrowed and distant. "Have you ever had sex before?"

Skylar blinked at him, and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Well. Um. Never with a guy, no."


"A few, yeah," Skylar shrugged. He didn't like where this conversation was going, but there was little he could do about it, seeing as he was the one to bring it up.

"Oh." Mikah paused. "I've never had sex with anyone."

Skylar stared at the brunette for a second. "I kinda guessed that," he replied, and shrugged when Mikah looked up at him, surprised. "What? You don't exactly have the whole 'I'm not a virgin anymore' image going for you."

"I guess not," Mikah muttered, and stared at his coffee this time. "I just—" he started, and gave up.

"Just don't want to rush into it?" Skylar guessed softly.

Mikah lifted his eyes and gave a wry smile. "Yeah, I guess."

Skylar grinned. "Don't worry. I don't think I'm ready to sleep with a guy either."

Mikah's smile turned pleased, radiant, the kind that stole Skylar's breath, and he had to glance away for a moment to regain his thoughts.

He turned back to Mikah, who was back to eating his muffin. "We can still make out though, right?"

Mikah choked.

It took several minutes for him to regain his composure, and then he lifted an eyebrow at Skylar, before letting himself smile. "If you want."

The other boy grinned.

It was what he wanted, all right.


Sully woke up for a while before his usual getting up time. Kael was huddled against his bare shoulder, the blinking eyelashes against Sully's collarbone indicating that the younger boy was awake, but Sully didn't feel like talking.

Not now, when he was too drowsy to maintain a real conversation. He almost wondered why he was awake so early, there was no light coming in from the curtains, and he usually slept in until the sun woke him up.

Or until stepbrothers came to visit.

He thought about Todd's visit for a moment, wondering why his family always had to ruin things. For him, as well as for Kael. He'd have thought that his grandparents would be rather pleased he was sleeping with one of the heirs to a Family Empire that might have rivaled their wealth but probably went far beyond it. The Southern Inheritance was a famous thing, and he'd been surprised that they wouldn't allow him to sleep with a chance of getting to that money.

On the other hand, it was probably Kael's parents putting up the fuss. How they had found out who he was, when Kael had been careful not to mention him at all to them, was beyond him, but they had, and now they all had to deal with it.

But that didn't matter.

He rolled onto his side, murmuring reassurances to Kael when Kael made to move away, scared of disturbing him. Sully wrapped and arm around Kael's waist and pulled him closer, so they were pressed chest to chest and stomach to stomach. With Kael's breathing soft by his ear, Sully closed his eyes again.

He'd figure it out later. They had more time to plan what to do, and he was determined not to give Kael back to people who by all accounts did little more than hate the younger boy. Kael didn't deserve that. Kael didn't deserve him either, so Sully wasn't quite sure what Kael really deserved, except for knowing that it was so much more than he could give the younger boy.

Kael deserved everything the world could give.

And it was about time that his family – and maybe Sully himself – realised that.

He fell asleep, immersed in Kael; in his scent, in his warmth, in the way he clung tightly to him...

Sully felt safe, and what was more, he felt loved.

Kael deserved more.


Getting dressed wasn't a problem in the darkish light of the room, although he had to be extremely careful not to wake Sully up, or he would want to know what Kael was doing.

And Kael couldn't tell him.

He was almost out the door when Sully softly murmured his name, and he turned and walked closer to the bed in answer to the question in his name.

"I'm going to go make us some breakfast," he whispered, as Sully moved and muttered something sleepily, and the blonde cracked one eye open to blink at him.

"You can't cook," he replied, his voice almost incoherent. "Come back to bed."

Kael pretended to grin, relieved that Sully was too asleep to notice something off about the expression. "That's all the more reason why I want to try. It's five days to Christmas, and I want to have a surprise for you on Christmas Eve. I need it perfect before then."

"Kael," Sully mumbled blearily, his eye closing again despite his efforts, "you already are perfect. Now shut up and get into bed."

Almost, Kael was tempted. For a moment, he doubted his resolve to go through with his plan, but the thought of what his parents might do to Sully, or what Sully's grandparents might do to Sully, was too horrible to ignore, so he shook his head and smiled falsely, walking to the edge of the bed and leaning down, tangling a hand in Sully's sleep mussed hair.

"Go to sleep, Sully. It'll be all ready when you wake up again."

Sully muttered something indistinctly, and Kael bent down and lightly kissed the blonde's cheek, murmuring "I love you."

Sully was already drifting off again when he straightened, so Kael was able to ignore the tears filling his eyes by staring at the older blonde, before he turned around and walked out.


Muse Replies:

rainbowskye  ~  Kael: *tears up* I'm not weak and clingy! ... Am I?

Sully: Afraid you are, hun. But don't worry, I like you anyway.

Kael: *pouts* Fine. I'm glad you're liking me now though. *beams* Thanks for reviewing!

Skylar: Stay together? Perish the thought we don't.

Mikah: You're an odd one, you are, Skylar. Hope you review again...


ddz008  ~  Skylar: Did you hear that, Mik? She thinks I'm cute!

Mikah: *grudgingly* I kinda think that too...

Skylar: *glomps Mikah* Special appearance by Robyn, by the way. When he stops snogging Mattie out back.

Robyn: What? Hey! I do not!

Skylar: *rolls eyes* Keep telling yourself that, Mr. AA.

Robyn: Shut up, Sky. Yes, it's difficult. But we'll work our way through it.

Mikah: And for my studies, I'm sure we find a way. ... Sometime soon.

Kael: I'm rich. Didn't you know? It's not talked about that often, though...

Sully: He doesn't like people knowing. And yeah, it gets more difficult. Because Kael's a first class idiot.

Kael: Hey! *swats  Sully* Thanks for reviewing! Hope you do it again! *beams*

I_nv_u50: Actually, you're doing very well if it isn't you're first language. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't had told me. So don't worry about mistakes, they happen to everyone. Even native english-ans. Or people. Or something. Yeah ^^;;


Kolyn Mikalson  ~  Darryl: Look! Look, she likes us enough to ask for us!!

Chad: Really? Hmm. So it is...

Sully: Back out of it, you two. She's asking about me. And Kael.

Robyn: And me. In which case, don't worry. Writer promises a side story one of these days.

Skylar: *slyly* Or so she says...

Kael: Thanks for reviewing!


Kenya Bloodstone ~ Skylar: See? We should have gotten together sooner. Think of the happiness we would have given everyone.

Mikah: Well, we would have if you hadn't lied to me...

Skylar: Aw, would you shut up about that already?

Mikah: *hmphs*

Chad: Uh. Well. About that, see...

Darryl: *reading from a script* We regret to inform you that due to our current laziness and reluctance to work for our beloved writer – WTF? – that we shall have no special, wholly ours chapter until sometime in the third part. Because of this, we are sorry to disappoint you, and hope you will continue to enjoy the series regardless.

Sully: *sniggers* Scapegoat.

Kael: Indeed. Parents and grandparents are a very bad thing... I'm scared.

Sully: Shh, Kael. *hugs Kael* Thanks for reviewing!


Fallen Midnight  ~  Mikah: Good. We're glad we could be entertaining. ... ... ... Was there anything else? Thanks for reviewing. We hope you do it again.

Skylar: You're so cold and distant.

Mikah: What are you complaining about? You like it.

Skylar: ... True. Come here.


NotEnough  ~  Sully: I know. Trust me, I know. I've often wished them to hell. Wait til you meet them. I'm glad I don't live with them anymore. It was... traumatic.

Mikah: At least you don't have parents who hate you.

Sully: Uh. Yeah. I do.

Mikah: Oh. I feel your pain.

Robyn: Uh. Would you believe me if I said I wasn't sure? *shifty eyes* I mean, It's Mattie, for crying out loud. Have you seen him? He's like... exactly!

Mattie: Aw, thanks Robbie. And I'm selling mini-mes on ebay, if you feel like going to take a look. My username is dramahottie69. I don't know where you can get the mini sullys and kaels though. Maybe through backorder. Hmm.

Sully: Shut up. You think too much.

Mikah: I am not insecure.

Skylar: Wanna bet?

Mikah:... Fine. Shut up.

Skylar: *smirks* Spongebob sounds good to me. Have you ever won a patrick plush? We all want one, but the writer sucks at games so we've never managed to get one.

I_nv_u50: Sure, sure, blame it on the writer. And spongebob rocks! (and don't worry, it made perfect sense to me! ^^)


Jet*Star  ~  i_nv_u50: *glomps you* HIHI!!!! Hotmail has done a dastardly thing! So I've lost your last email. Did you email me? In any case, I'm going to email you back tomorrow because my hands are dead today. And I shall have another sully doodle if sully's good and agrees to pose which he might not but then who am I kidding, he loves showing off so he probably will. And you wrote a poem!!! And I shall let sully adore your for that. Because technically it's a poem to him.

Sully: *preens* In all my magnificence, I have never imagined I'd get a poem. *sparklesparkle* You were completely right, of course. I am really hot. And I don't have a car, but I'm working on it. On the other hand, I like it when we do nothing but kiss all chapter too. Unfortunately, there's this scandalous thing called plot which is just so unreasonable, it's horrific.

Kael: You're just over reacting. I can't wait for the day you admit you lo-

Sully: *kisses him* Shut up, Kael.

Kael: *smiles dreamily* Okay...

Sully: *winks* Am I good or am I good? ... Oh yeah. I'm good. *sparklesparkle*

Kael: Thanks for reviewing. And for the poem. And we hope you do it again!! *beams*


Dlyope  ~  Chad: I know what you mean. The weathers been screwed up here lately too. What about that storm a few weeks ago, huh. That was harsh... Um. Yeah. Anyway...

Kael: It's all right, I guess... Aside from the parents deal. They're not one of the good things about my family.

Robyn: *cackles* Yeah. I suppose it'd freak Skylar out. But we're getting a side story in a little while, writer says. Which'll be fun, I think.

Skylar: Homework in the holidays? I feel your pain. Or I would, if I had homework. *cackles* Sucks to be you, I guess.

Mikah: *swats Skylar* Don't be mean. And stupid. Jeez, you're an idiot.

Skylar: What? What'd I do?

Mikah: *rolls eyes* Sorry about him.


Wolfwitch  ~  Kael: One of them, I'm afraid. Last in line to inherit, unfortunately. If I weren't, I'd be treated nicer...

Sully: *hugs Kael* Thanks for reviewing!


Jen  ~  Mikah: ...

Skylar: What he means to say is sorry, and that he'll try to make out with me more in the future.

Mikah: You wish.

Skylar: Damn. At least I tried.

Mikah: Unsuccessfully.

Chad: We were omitted because we didn't get the part to her soon enough.

Darryl: So it's our fault. *whispers* but really it was hers.

Chad: Shh!

I_nv_u50: *glompz* Yeah, it sucks here in calgary. And it was really cold that day. Stupid canadian weather. Grr. Thanks though. Same back to you ^^


smile101  ~  Mikah: You're pretty close actually, but shh. Don't tell anyone.

Skylar: It's our secret.

Sully: Todd is rather peculiar. But yeah, he's cool. Our families, on the other hand...

Kael: We'd rather they die and go to hell.

Sully: Well put.

Kael: Thank you. *beams* Thanks for reviewing, we hope you do it again!


ola  ~  Sully: *cackles* ... Hi. *pouts&sulks*

Kael: He's not mean. He's just trying too hard for me. *tears up*

Mikah: *wide eyed* Um. Okay.

Skylar: Oi. Oi, hands off. He's mine.

I_nv_u50: Okay. So I've got the pose and stuff done. And Karo happens to be naked because I can't draw clothes on him in that particular pose, but it's tasteful and you don't see anything but his side, so that's all right, right? And I kinda don't have a scanner, so there'll be a delay, but I have done it, and it's complete, and I just have to wait for my mother to go back to work so she can scan it in. Is that all right? Then I'll colour it and YAY! .


ghenne04  ~  Chad: We got kicked out of the chapter because we weren't working...

Darryl: What he said.


Zelia Thebb  ~  Kael: Isn't it great? I was particularly proud of it myself. Thanks for reviewing!


Ree  ~  Chad: Uh, yeah, we were kind of late with our part, so we couldn't get in the chapter on time...

Darryl: What he said. *yawns*

Robyn: There's a side story in the planning, actually, I think. So the writer claims, anyway.

Skylar: *smirks* Oh yeah. Crazy plot indeed. Wait til you see it.


golden-flame4  ~  Chad: We're back! Glad you enjoyed it!

Darryl: Thanks for reviewing, hope you do it again! *grins*


ESPissMeoff  ~  Mikah: I'm artfully good.

Skylar: I never knew he could show off...

Mikah: Shut up.

Skylar: Okay.

Robyn: That will never be discovered... until the side story comes out. Which might be soon and might be in a while. But supposedly it's coming, and supposedly you guys learn all about me and Mattie. Which is scary but all right.

Kael: My family sucks. Actually, most of the families in this story suck. Wanna know why that is?

Sully: The writer's a bitch.

Kael: That wasn't quite what I had in mind, but it'll do in a pinch...


Shadow 3013  ~  Kael: Join the club. 'I hate Kael's Parents' Do you want the address?

Sully: You can hate my grandparents too, if you like.


subtleline  ~  Robyn: How come Mattie gets the sympathy? I'm the straight guy here!

Mattie: *slyly* Or so you think...

Robyn: Shut up.

Mikah: I shall, of course, do my best. Although handling a guy like Skylar can get tiring at times. Most times.

Skylar: You know you love me.

Mikah: *blushes* ...

Skylar: Hah! See!?

Mikah: *mutters* shut up.

I_nv_u50: Dude I bought it! And it was so great! And I love hasunuma!!! Although it sucks we won't be running into each other. ... it'd be kinda odd though. Unless my college moved to texas. Or something. Uh. What? Now I want the 4th one. *cries for lack of release* ... when is it being released again? Soon? *hopes so* thanks for reviewing! Hope you do it again!! ^^


Baby Moony  ~  Mikah: Good. It's nice that you like it.

Skylar: He means great, of course. It's great that you like it.


Edainme  ~  Sully: Beat up our families? Are you mad? They'd never forgive either of us.

Kael: There's a point to that, Sully. They'll never want to see us again either.

Sully: I suppose...

I_nv_u50: w00t XD It's a good thing your computers are better now. It sucks when they crash. Because it just does. . Anyway. Yeah. Your turn to have them XD *has lost track of the days* *ships off muses anyway*


underjoyed  ~  Robyn: Angst is good for who? Speak for yourself. I think it sucks. I can't wait for our side story to clear it up...

Sully: Todd amuses me too. When he doesn't disturb me. He's good like that.

Mikah: We have something planned...

Skylar: Shh.

I_nv_u50: DO I!?!?!?!!?! of course I want the camel. Psh. What kind of camel hater do you think I am anyway? :D


Raven-ember  ~  Skylar: We're not that stupid, thankfully, to not tell each other. Although Mikah might be. Always going on about how much I screwed up...

Mikah: That's entirely your fault.

Skylar: So what?

Kael: Thank you. It's good that you'll keep on reading, because we'll all keep on writing. *beams*