Written by: Felicia Spencer

I need air to breathe
Because you take my breath away
I need a speech therapist
Because I don't know what to say

I need a psychologist
Because you drive me insane
I need to see a M.D.
Because without you I feel pain

I need an Air force Pilot
Because I soar when I'm with you
I need a candle to wish on
Because you make my dreams come true

I need a tailor
Because you fit like a glove
But most of all I need you
Because you're the man I love.

AN: Hey I wrote a nice poem this time. Can you believe that this is not all
angst filled? Well hope you like it. Also shout outs goes out to Lady
Illusion. She has decided to put me on her favorite list, along with my mom
oohaysemag200, (finally) Leo, and Tyra-CM. Thank you guys/girls/old lady.
Mom, the old lady bit was a joke. Sorry. Sheesh.
I also wanted to thank everyone else that reviewed all my poetry. I will
try to make an earnest effort to continue looking out for new poem being
posted by those who reviewed. So until then.TTFN.