Written by: Felicia Spencer

Hatred is a barrier locking us in.
A barrier with only one key.
Hatred is nothing but ignorance,
Shared by you and me.

Hatred is a bottomless pit.
That's always dark and hollow.
Hatred is a short path,
No one should choose to follow.

Hatred is a sickness,
That goes on day.
A condition getting worst.
What more is there to say.

However I finally found the key.
To unlock this world of hate.
This key is called the key of love,
And I pray it's not too late.
Felicia Spencer

AN: This poem was actually written in 1990, when I was in the 9th grade.
This is the only poem that I actually have published. The book that this
poem is in, is entitled "Eternal Portraits Series" If you want to order the
book, then go to WWW.POETRY.COM to order it. It's up to you. BTW-Please
don't flame me too bad. It was like I said I was only in the 9th grade when
I wrote this. So enjoy.