Our Song

I'm wondering now
How could I have let you go?
Never spilling yearning words
Passion locked in a room
Bound by fear of rejection
I remember last Fourth of July
Almost placing my hand on yours
And squeezing it just for a second
As a blue firework exploded
Lighting up your beautiful eyes
I can imagine you
Starring out the window
Headphones quietly humming
As the car's tires revolve
Carving a trail to your new life
I'll never forget out last hug
Placing a kiss upon your cheek
A moment of bravery, or maybe weakness
Your deep voice, whispering goodbye in my ear
You said my name so wonderfully
Now I'm hearing our song
That one we both love
The one I was never brave enough
To ask you to dance with me to
Tears slide down my cheek to it's beat
You left me with a gift
A leathery piece of treasure
I wrap it around me, smell your scent
It's almost like you're hugging me
Just once more