Horror Film - A low budget parody

A/N: I'd like to let you know before you read this; you WILL lose brain cells just reading this. But I hope you enjoy it!

Scene opens to a dark and stormy night with a house. A 16 year old blonde is all alone watching TV inside. She is eating her popcorn, when suddenly, her show is interrupted. "We interrupt this porn for a special announcement! A psychotic serial killer wearing a mask is on the loose in your area! Details tonight, at eleven!"

The girl gasps and looks out to the door. She sees that it is wide open and there is a bright flashing sign that says, "VULBERABLE" outside her door. She goes and puts a small towel over the sign , though the light shines through it and you can still read the sign. She closes the door and locks all eleven locks. She hears a creak upstairs and she jumps. She slams her back against the door in panic so hard that all the locks unlock, even though it wasn't that hard. She hears the creak again. And another one. And another one. She starts to hear the creaks making a hip-hop beat. She goes to the refrigerator and grabs and looks at what she has to use. She sees sharp celery, sharp casserole, sharp ice, and sharp jell-o. She grabs the Jell-o and runs upstairs.

She opens the door and sees the killer, wearing a Powerpuff girls mask. He was holding a bloody knife. She saw him and screamed, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" He raised his knife an he- "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" He tried to raise it again but-"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" She kept screaming. He lunged at her with knife but she screamed again and just ran towards him. He moved out of the way and she fell out the window. She landed on the sign, so now it read, "ABLE"

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