A bright light shone down a curvy road

A holy light, the pathway glowed

Hope and mystery filled the air

I slowly strode down the misty glare

Beautiful white roses lined the street

A gate ahead for me to greet

Wondering where I was, yet knowing

I wanted to turn back, but kept going

Gazing at the land ahead

I suddenly realized that I was dead

God, why did you take me, I'm only seven

And now you want me to go to heaven?

I reached the pearly white gate

An angel beckoned me,

I asked her to wait I took one last look back and saw

I crying woman I knew as Ma

She was clutching my body in her arms

Surrounded by ambulances and loud alarms

I still have my spirit; that's what I am now

But my life is gone. Oh, God, how?

I sighed and stepped in with just my toe

But wings I sprouted and a yellow halo

To be alive is what I'd prefer

But just tell mom that I love her