Alice's Song

She absent-mindedly dusts off her clothes
She smoothes back her hair
While she's chaos inside
She tries to act like she doesn't care

They've all come to see her
Hear her, I really mean
She slowly steps upon the stage
It's an awe-inspiring scene

Delicately clears her throat
The orchestra starts to play
That all will go well
This is what she prays

The tempo's speeding up
Her cue is coming near
As she sings her first note
She's free of all her fear

Enrapturing, she pours her soul
Into the microphone
Although the room is full
She is all alone

Eyes closed, mouth wide open
Powerfully she croons
The people in the audience
Are beginning to swoon

Lilting softly, without effort
Her singing can amaze
Although they are gasping
She is unfazed

One last earth-quaking note
It fills the room with strength
It took only a few minutes
They wish for a longer length

For a minute, no one speaks
Then the cheering starts
They rise out of their seats
The noise is off the charts

The girl grins and bows
Until her mother calls screams
"Alice, stop pretending you're a star"
She is jerked out of her dream

Her stuffed animals in front of her
Hairbrush in her hand
Though the ovation was in her mind
For Alice, one day they will stand