Once upon a time,
Life's mysteries in rhyme,
We're all born into this world,
To each of us life is unfurled,
Like a patchwork,
Made of people with hopes and dreams,
Seems to me like the world's coming apart at the seams,
Or maybe it came this way,
Maybe we all have a price to pay,
But how much is it for you today?
A tear, an ear, a heart, or another body part?
Maybe it's something more,
We all have to wonder what the future has in store,
Or maybe not, I mean, what for?
What happens, happens, right?
Can't control the night,
Why try to put up a fight?
Well, maybe because all that's right and just,
All that you could ever trust,
Had to be fought for, had to be made more than just a dream.
What's worth fighting for?
What's good that's left in this world anymore?
Innocence, that's the answer whispered in silence,
This needs to be saved, taken away from exploitation of ignorance,
Taken away from all the world's menace,
Children, happiness, joy, love, laughter, freedom, equality, justice,
All of these are worth fighting for, worth dying for, worth the corrupt of the world crying for,
But are such things worth killing for?
Can justice be achieved with innocent blood spilling in wordless horror?
But innocents are trapped by their own ignorance,
It's their protecting fence.
Yet, even with all of the world's twisted malice,
Surely there must be a sacred chalice,
That could break apart the chains of suffering,
Could tear through deception's hollow wings?
True Freedom.
A thing earned, with prices payed,
Yet corruption's hand is not forever stayed,
Eventually that price payed in blood will fade away,
One day.
Once upon a time. . .