A Step Outside

The painted sky shone over
The swaying golden grass
The fluffy fuchsia pugs emerge
All gold and blue like glass

The peaceful silhouette
With an underlying sun
That shown it's blood-red rays
And said the day was done

The twilight creeps in
Over the houses and hills
The black blanket of sky
Sets in the nightly chills

The stars glisten and twinkle
Like lanterns in the night
Hopeful guides that lead the way
To reassure you all is right

Morning comes and sings a song
Of hummingbirds and dawn
Of dewy grass and butterflies
Of floating golden swans

The rosy eye of dawn creeps up
Over purple mountains
The clear, swift waterfall
Flows like grand fountains

The sun is up and straight overhead
It's halfway through the day
The maple trees have inviting leaves
Providing cool shade

The afternoon sets in on time
A chilly wind whips through
Tingling fingers
Making ears turn blue

The dusk come in 'round 5 o' clock
The tumbleweeds scatter by
The dust begins to settle
And the folks retire inside

After dinner sunset comes
The pumpkin orange sun
Disappears into the earth
Another day is done