Devil's Eyes 2

I can't stop thinking of him…

That Lagos.                            

What was he after?

What did he really want?

Every now and then I'd see glimpses of this man who says he's the Devil.

He would stare at me.

Just for a moment.

With a smirk on his face, white fangs showing.

At times I'd be bending over and when I stood up I'd feel him right behind me.

He'd whisper into my ear,

"How innocent you are. To think I found you under the bridge, no matter you'll be my. prisoner soon enough."

He made me shiver all over.

God! What does he want?

When I turned to face him, he was gone.

After our first meeting, I started to avoid the bridge.

I was afraid… so very afraid.                           

That day when it was sunset…

I was running, away from everything.

The town…

The animals…

The people…

Especially that bridge!

"I hate you. I hate you. I hate you, Devil." I mumbled to myself.

My clothing tore a few times as I passed a thorn bush.

My feet ached from running through rocks and such.

My fingers became numb from the winds that seemed unnaturally cold.

Everything seemed to get darker and darker…

I tripped on a tree root and fell into the mud.

The root then came alive and grabbed my ankle, tightly.

"Are you running? From me? Oh, how sweet…" I heard a voice in front of me.

I turned my head slowly and there was Lagos the Devil.

Smirking at me, yet again.

Everything was the same as last time and time after that.

Except one tiny thing…

His fingertips were covered in blood, still dripping.

And his mouth had drops of blood going down his chin.

"What do you want?" I asked, more scared then ever


He got on his hands and knees.

Crawling to me, still stuck.

He grabbed my face.

"You were running from me. Trying to keep away."

His fingers left blood prints on my face.

It made me sick.

"I will never let you go. Never!" He shouted at me showing his fangs and letting a low growl escape him.

He pushed me back and got on top of me.

Again I felt as if the underworld fires were on me.

And again the fires were smoothes away by his cold hands as he turned my head and cleared a view of my neck.

Slowly he pulled closer.

"What are…you doing?" I asked shaking

"I'm going to make you my prisoner…" He whispered into my ear

A sudden pain in my neck came.

I tried to escape but if it wasn't that tree root holding me it was his strength.

I felt sleepy, why?

I fell into a sleep of kinds.

Not death.

Would I join the victims I claimed to see in his eyes the first night I saw him?

He picked me up and we disappeared.

He was right…

…I was his prisoner…