I should seem so happy,

Filled with so much joy,

Giddy like a girl,

And proud like a boy.

But all I feel now,

Is misery and pain,

Nothing but a frown,

Nothing but my shame.

It's too cliché to be true,

I've got all I've ever wanted,

But now, it's not what I want.

Instead I sit in sorrow,

Pondering my life,

Wondering what purpose I serve,

Thinking about this strife.

I'm lost inside my hopes and dreams,

Looking to the past,

But what do they mean?

In the end it's all too simple,

Nothing is what it seems.

I'm lost inside my thoughts and actions,

Looking for the response,

It's a silent movie without captions,

I'm lost, can't comprehend,

And there's no way out.