The Queen bends over the bassinet of her newborn son. She carefully lifts him out and caresses his head.

His father, the King, bends over and whispers to his son.

"You are special Benjamin," he takes his son from his wife's arms and brings him to the balcony. He walks slowly, limping on one foot from a battle scar given to him many years ago.

Below the people of Galone have gathered to see the heir to the throne.

The Queen steps in behind him. The people cheer.

"Long live the Queen! Long live the King! Long live the Heir!"

The King smiles down on his son. He kisses his forehead and smiles.

"Your majesties?" The doorman stands behind them.


"The honourable Lord Joel and Lady Emily are here to see you," he bows.

"Very well bring them in," the King smiles and hands his son to the Queen.

A couple stride into the room. The man is tall and wears fine robes of silk, his hair a curly mass on his head and his dark green eyes sparkle with delight. His wife walks carefully beside him, smiling, almost laughing. Her long brown hair hangs loose around her shoulders.

"Joel! Emily! It is so good to see you both!" The King hugs his friends.

"And you!" Emily rushes to the Queen.

"Emma, I'm so happy for you!" She pets the babe's head gently.

Over in a field at the other end of the kingdom a man and his adopted son are plowing their field. A grihalek digs holes for the seeds as the father plants them.

The boy pushes his unruly brown hair from out of his eyes and straightens his cap. He strokes the grihaleks back and bends over the ground.

"Very well done Felix!" The father smiles and plants another seed. "We will have a beautiful harvest in the fall!"

"And we'll see Peter then too right?" The boy smiles. His father nods.

"Of course!"

Far across the land, in the mountains, deep in the mountains, a small sprite flies around her throne room. Lady Verita, leader of the sprites, lies on bed of roses. She passes on to the next life, because of her immortality she cannot die. She must move on to where she will aid in the creation of new sprites.

A blonde curly haired woman kneels beside the sprite.

"You'll be an excellent leader," she assures her, she adds. "Lady ChloƩ."

"Thank you Anita!" ChloƩ hugs her friend.

Anita smiles and bites her lip; she is worried of her husband who has been travelling with a minstrel to Galone to visit their majesties.

Back in the castle of Galone two men climb the stairs to the throne room. They open the door and walk in unannounced, surprising everyone.

"Peter?" Queen Emma asks. One man nods, he smiles. "And?" She studies the second stranger. "And Alec?"

The second stranger nods.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again!" The King rushes forward. He hugs them both.

"Yes," Alec smiles. "It is good to see you too Temil."