A thousand thousands,
A thousand worlds and a thousand dreams,
Each stands alone, some intertwine and commingle,

Yet they are all alone,
My eyes reflect the burning of my soul,
I cast my gaze upon the multitudes,
They are as water in a vast ocean,
They splash about running into one another,
They crash and teem with life and energy,
Between the cliffs they sway back and forth,
Carrying themselves unknowingly along foreign paths,
Breakers form and some are carried far,
Only to be smashed down with the others,

It is hard to steady oneself in such a world as I see before me,
Yet I itch with the need for greatness,
A light glows and shimmers within my soul,
I would cast my aura across the sky for all to see,
Yet how many would truly see through all of the waves and the masses?

I yearn for my path to be made clear to me,
So that I might rocket across it to find my future,
I am aflame with the need separate myself from the masses,
To break free and fly alone an unhindered upon the winds of destiny.

I look around me again and I see something else,
I see all of the people, all of the water, are different,
Perhaps I did not see them right before,
Perhaps I blinked,
My eyes clear I see a billions of shards of light and shadow,
Unique and precious stones fly through the air,
All spinning along in the same direction, some bear the marks of age,
Others are barely formed and seem little more than globules of crystal,
As they move, they cast out lines, thousands of lines,
They begin to swing from these tethers, some fall others pull themselves high,
Some tethers break, others seem to be made of steel,
As my eyes draw back my mind begins to whirl,
So many cast out their tethers upon certain others that they look like spokes on a wheel,
So many all attaching paper thin cords to particularly cloudy gems,
Though some sparkle more than others,
Intricate patterns form and the complexity boggles the mind.

It's not what I thought, this life,
My path is not my own for it is part of the pattern,
So I shall accept my place and strive to fill it.

What do you see?