When o're a moonbeam
Darkness split
Upon a face
So gaunt and pale
And in the darkness, red eyes lit
There came a gaze
both near and far
That caused most men
Their throats
To jar.
And flee did he
Across the plain
Afraid of it.
Something wished
To cause his pain.
And so he ran
Down valley and hill
Always hiding
Always running
Always from the evil chill.
His dash did take
To a lonely gate
When 'ere his heart did flutter
Laid eyes upon the ancient steel
The dreaded Wing-Edge cutter.
Pick up he did
This famous blade
And joyous was he
Now his fear
Had courage made
"So fight the shadow."
Said he to him
"And rend it now asunder."
"Save the day, and make it pay.
To marvel at it's blunder."
And so the beast did come to sight
With fangs of steel and horns of ice
And carapace too thick to pierce
Never feared its sacrifice
And so the boy with eyes so cold
Did draw his sword of magic steel
Stabbing it with all his might
He caused the beast to reel
"Ha!" Said he to the beast now dead
"I've struck you down at last!"
And so he went to see the slain
But something held him fast.
The creatures gaze a mirror did give
And the lad, of victory fair
Held his own against the foe
Yet noticed something there.
And in the monster's eye did see
Himself in shock and wonder
For he did know, that his fallen foe
What curse it had been under.
And so he now does seek the dawn,
Searching for the free
Now he knew
That once he flew
The creature was now he.
~~~ If you understood this, tell me. By the way, this is the rough draft.
I'm gonna change it when it isn't so late. ~~~