My Brother the Hypocrite

My brother is really f*c*i*g pissing me off. Today, I was on the computer for about half an hour, 4:30-5:00. Then he kicks me off and is on until 1:00 AM. Then, when I finally get on, I have to restart the computer, so he'll like I have to start my program. And I'm keeping the mouse away from him because I'm on, right? So he goes to the computer and starts trying to unplug it, so I'm keeping him away with my foot, and he f*c*i*g bites my foot.

He calls me the hypocrite for making him get off, and looking over his shoulder, which I only do when he's supposed to get off, because it's my turn. He's on about twice as much as me, and says he's doing his job, which he got his own lab top for. And when he says he's doing his job for an hour, he's only actually doing it for half an hour, plus he's IMing people the whole time. So he's doing his job for about fifteen minutes like every other day. Even if it is an hour, what about the other six hours.

Just because I'm at doesn't mean that I'm bored. I think it's funny, so, when I've been on for two hours, he grabs my neck and throws me off, but when I want to get him off, I'm a hypocrite. He actually does look over my shoulder the whole time.

Now, back to opening the program, he had to open it because his HTML script is on there, so? Oh wow, his HTML won't be on. He says he has to see people know his script so he'll get a job in the future, no one was even on! And he's never ever ever ever ever going to know anyone that sees his script.

What do I do on the internet? I'm making a frickin' movie, I have a site for it to edit. On AIM, now we can't Clone AIM, and he leaves it on and says that I can't close it, he's too stupid to think maybe I want to get on, and he says AOL screws up the computer, and that's the only way to IM people.

Don't Forget the Teacher

Ms. Olson, my teacher, I can't stand. I get in big trouble with my parents for not turning in things that I turned in a week before. Like, we went on the cruise, and I turned in like half of the assignments, but I still got the note and call home, the call said that I was missing 15 assignments, and the sheet said I was missing 10 assignments, when it was really closer to maybe 3. My parents trusted a teacher that they didn't even know more than their own son, while I tried to explain that I didn't have the sheets with me because I turned them in already, but they won't listen.

I got the note home saying I was missing all my notes on sections one and two, even though I turned them in a week before. She has this bin for late work that she's supposed to check everyday, and if she won't take it if we hand it to her, so she's supposed to check the late bin everyday-she doesn't.

So, I, along with like five other kids got in trouble due to carelessness. Not to mention, like all the teachers go like, I had to put my effort and work someone's normal day to finish grading these, well who's telling you to do it? Like it's not hard being my age.

I have to be forced to work for someone without pay, and I get to look forward to being forced to work or starve with pay, at least you get to look forward to Florida. I do more for the community than most adults I know. I've been volunteering at the library for almost four years now, longer than my supervisor.

When they say like kids have to ask their parents for money and they don't like pay taxes or something, well, maybe we would if you made it legal to work. All the working kids in history have done very well, from what I've heard, kids who do work like on movies and stuff are very cooperative, and in the old days when kids worked on mines and stuff, they bent their back, worked 14 hours a day for 50 cents an hour-I learned that in Tech.

Cubs Fans are Jack*s*es

So, my teacher goes 'we're having an opening day of baseball party' but she forgot to mention the part where when you suggest Sox stuff, you get in trouble. So, I join the decorating committee, and I just suggest that we put up one Sox poster or something, and the other people in the committee are like, 'no, it's just Cubs'. So they go tell on the teacher, and she says in one of those mean voices, you know, 'no, it's just Cubs things.'

I mean, I don't like the Cubs, but I'll tolerate some of it, this is against my rights as an American Citizen-it's like a jew being surrounded by Nazi symbols.

So, then later I think to my friend, Erik that I should bring in cupcakes just for Sox fans, Cubs decorations, one thing for just White Sox fans, not fair, but a start right? WRONG! So, Ms. Olson who's listening in, is like 'no, Cubs only, get over it'.

Whenever I talk to Erik, who's a Cubs fan, he's like, 'no, we're celebrating the Cubs'. Yeah, but what the hell are we celebrating about the Cubs? Why can't we celebrate on the Sox? I'm thinking of doing a boycott or hunger strike or something. I mean, I can almost understand the Cubs celebration when they made it to the playoffs.

At lunch one day, this teacher is like 'Cubs hats only', as I'm wearing my Sox visor. I mean, we'd all be like that, but sarcastically, you know? You can't really follow through, then she forces me to take it off, or she'll take it away.

So, I'm not even really putting it on my head, I'm holding it above my head, so, it's like, you can't do anything to that, you can't take away it period. It's my American right to have my opinion. Right? WRONG! So, she comes over and takes it away. I mean, even the Cubs fans at my table where like 'what the hell's her problem?' So Cubs fans are just jack*s*es.

So, I'm thinking brownies with laxatives and say maybe food poisoning or something, or something for just Sox fans, oh but no, Sox are like forbidden. I just know I'm definitely wearing all of my five sox shirts, and take them off and switch throughout the day, and my visor, but I am sooooo definitely gonna be up in the Cub's face. I'm gonna be all, freedom of speech, right to an opinion.

So, how do you feel about these issues so far?