Austere Academy

Chapter 1 ~*|EVE|*~
I sat on my bed, staring at the clock, watching the seconds go by. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35... There were exactly 4 more minutes before I had to leave. Before I had to leave and go to some place where I knew no one, and no one knew me. I didn't want to go... but I had to. They were making me, and there was nothing I could do about it.
"Evette, gather your things together and bring them out into the parlor."
"Yes Daddy." I replied meekly, grabbing my bag, and suitcase, and walking out the bedroom door.
They were all in the parlor waiting for me. Mum was sitting on the couch with her hands folded in her lap. My sister Melody was sitting on the floor watching me, while Father simply stood, and looked out the window, studying mysteries, unseen by the rest of the world. At least he was calm for the moment...
"Do you have your ticket?" He asked calmly. Not taking his eyes off
the window.
"Yes, it's in my coat..." I dug around in the inside pocket of my coat, but it wasn't in there. "It's, um..."
"Where is it?" He said, turning a hard look upon me.
"Um, let me check the front of my bag, maybe I left it in there..." I hurriedly started going through my suitcase and backpack, panicking. But, I didn't find it there either.
"It's not in there." I said very quietly, starting to get up. "Le-" But before I could finish my sentence, a hand struck out, hitting me square in the stomach. I doubled over with a muffled squeak.
"Keep looking. That ticket is very important." Father said calmly, looking back out the window.
I stood up, and walked into my bedroom, clutching my stomach. When I got there, I saw it, sitting on my vanity. I picked the ticket up carefully, and made my way back to the living room.
"I've found it Father." I said, timidly holding it out so he could see.
"Good." He said as he turned to face the rest of the family. "Now, Merilee, if you would please take the children out to the car." "Of course," Mum said, not making eye contact. "Evette, Melody, come on. It's time to go to the airport."
"Yes Mum." We said in unison.
I walked out to the car dragging my suitcase behind me in one hand, and holding Melody's hand in my other. Melody would be all alone with Mum and Father once I was gone. Who knew what would happen without me there for Father to take out his frustrations on.
Our Mum had successfully gotten me away, but Melody was too young to go off to boarding school, Father had said. Therefore, she had to stay home.
The entire car ride was silent. Melody clung to my arm, silently crying. We had always been very close. We were all each other had in the worst of times. Whenever Father hit us, no one was there to provide comfort except the other. Mum was never there, she wasn't allowed to be in the room when major punishments were carried out. Father didn't want her interfering. Not that she would. She was a very submissive person. She never got in between conflict, and she avoided it at all costs, even if the cost was her daughters' well being.

When we reached the airport, we all got outside, walked into the building, checked me in, and went over to the metal detectors. This was where my family was to say goodbye. They all gave me hugs; even father who never hugged anyone. Melody started crying, and held onto my waist.
"Please don leave, Evy, Please!"
"Shush Melody." I whispered into the long, blond, curly mass covering her head. "I'll be back for Thanksgiving, ok? It won't be so bad without me, you'll see. You won't have to share your stuff, or argue about what to watch on the tele, or any of that. It'll be fun. Don't worry, time'll pass by in the blink of an eye, you won't even know I was gone."
"No-o it w-won't." She said sniffling.
"It's ok sweetie, I love you and I promise to write lots."
"You won't forget?"
"Promise." I whispered into her ear as I pulled away from her.
And as I did she began to cry even louder. Father's arm shot out, grabbed hers, and squeezed. No other part of his body had moved except for his arm.
"Quiet now, Melody." He said, his voice smooth and even, and above all, low.
Her sobs quickly turned into quiet tears.
"We'll call you with arrangements for Thanksgiving." Mum said smiling one of her fake smiles at me. "Have fun at Austere Academy, we love you."
"Goodbye," I said, turning, and walking over to the line.
I watched them as they walked off. Father still had a hold of Melody's arm. But, he finally let go after they got about 5 yards away from me. Melody rubbed the spot, and folded her arms, as if in hope that he wouldn't grab one of them again.
I turned. I didn't want to watch them. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving Melody alone, but there was absolutely nothing I could do. I was being shipped off to, "protect me", as mum put it. But all this was accomplishing was leaving Melody alone with our monster of a Father.

They had made me get rid of my fingernail clippers. But, I wasn't too devastated. The plane I was on was a cargo plane, which meant it was smaller than usual. I had an isle seat. I loved the isle. I couldn't stand being crammed on the inside, and having to ask the person next to me to get up, every time I wanted to get up. I hated feeling like a bother. I preferred it when no one paid any attention to me. That wasn't the case now, though. I was sitting next to a man wearing a business suit, who was telling me his life story, which consisted largely of his daughter.
"...She looks to be about your age. Her name is Nefertiti. My wife always loved that name. Well, my ex-wife, that is. We've been divorced for 2 whole years now. But, I'm going down to visit my mother, and I get to take my little Beth with me. Her middle name's Elizabeth, so we call her Beth because it's shorter than calling her Nefertiti or Elizabeth. My mother lives just outside...."
This was where I stopped listening. I could tell he was a full-fledged American. Americans always seemed to talk a lot, especially when no one wanted them to. We were from London originally. We moved to Washington when I was six because things weren't going too well in London. People were noticing... things...
I miss what little I remember of London. I know that we used to go to the playground every Saturday after lunch. Mum would push my sister and me on the swings. I loved being little. Everything's so simple. Your biggest problem is how you want a cookie, but Mummy won't give you one. When you're little, you never have to worry about your little sis not getting hurt, or making friends, or fitting in, or acting stupid.
"So, where are you headed to?"
"What?" I said, breaking out of my trance.
"Where are you going to?" He repeated.
"Oh. A boarding school in New York. Austere Academy."
"Really?! My little Beth went there for a while! She didn't like it much. She got too homesick. But, it really is an amazing school..." He went off rambling about all of the great features of Austere Academy. But, all I could think of were all the great things about being home with my family. Or, being at home with my sister, anyway.
"And the grounds are just beautiful. It really is magical there." He finished.
"I hope it's as wonderful as you've described it." I said politely.
"Oh it is, miss, it is."
The rest of the flight was full of the American's voice. Even when they served breakfast, he was still rambling away while he was eating. Though, he seemed rather good at talking with food in his mouth, because he never once spit any out. He probably had a lot of practice.
After six long hours on the one way flight to New York, with the annoying American, whose name happened to be Roy, how pathetically common, but, that's Americans for you; we reached our destination.
I walked off the plane into a downpour. It had been remotely sunny in Roseburg, but here it was the exact opposite. The weather was miserable. The rain came down in big thick sheets out of a dark and gloomy sky. This was not a good first impression of New York.
I quickly ran to the long clear tube that was attached to the airport, to get out of the rain. The American followed me.
"So, who's picking you up? If you have to catch a taxi there, I could give you a ride if you like."
"No thank you." I said, giving him one of my sweet and shy little girl smiles. "The head master should be picking me up."
"Ah, yes. Charity. Charity Rothcress. Mrs. Rothcress is a wonderful woman." The way he said wonderful, suggested he knew her better than most.
"I'd imagine so. I've been told so many lovely things about her."
When we got inside, I started looking around for someone who looked remotely head master-ish. Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder. I cringed, and pulled away.
"I'm sorry, did I scare you? I just wanted to show you where Mrs. Rothcress was." Said Roy.
"Just gave me, um, a bit of a start..." I said quietly, walking in the direction he was pointing.
"Maybe I'd better go over and say hi, for old time's sake."
"I'm sure she would love to see you." I said, trying to get myself back together. I couldn't panic every time somebody touched me. That definitely wouldn't do.
Roy subtlety slipped a mint into his mouth, munched it up fast, and swallowed it. He definitely knew her better than most...
"Charity! Hi! How've you been?! I found one of your students, and thought I'd help her find you." He said with over enthusiasm.
"Well hello Roy. I've been fine, just fine. Thank you for bringing Miss Solares to me." Mrs. Rothcress said, displaying the same fake smile my Mum used. She didn't want to see him just as much as he wanted to see her.
"Your welcome."
"Nice to meet you, Evette." She said, talking to me now. "I hope your plane ride wasn't too awful."
"It was nice." I said, trying to seem perfect.
"Well, we've got to be going. It was nice seeing you, Roy. Come on Evette, lets bring you to your new home for the next year at least."
I smiled at her, trying to act happy and optimistic. But, all I really felt was horribly alone, and afraid for my sister.
We walked out into the cramped and extremely loud parking lot after getting my luggage, and got into what looked like a very expensive car. It was a Mercedes by the looks of it. Blue. Such a pretty car. Went with the pretty woman.
Mrs. Rothcress was rather tall, with long dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a grayish blue suit with a skirt that did her long legs full justice. She looked over at me, and I immediately realized how impolite it was for me to be studying her. My eyes shot over to the dashboard in front of me.
"So, Evette, what do you think Austere's going to be like? Are you looking forward to meeting all the girls?"
"I couldn't possibly imagine what it's like. It's so different from any school I've ever gone to. I've never even set foot in a boarding school."
"I'm sure you'll love it, everyone there's so nice. No snotty girls here like in most places."
Hah, there were always snotty rich girls. They're everywhere. Snotty girls are like some sort of natural fungus that thrives in any type of school. Just a fact of life.
"I know I'll make lots of friends." I said.
"Yes, I hope so. School is unbearable without friends..." We pulled out of the parking lot just as she started talking about her school when she was a child.
I looked over at her, she was watching the road. I studied her face. She had a small nose, full lips, and very big, bright, blue eyes. She was rather attractive, actually.
I stared at her for a bit more, until something on my right caught my eye. It was the sudden change in scenery. There was a large, fancy, black gate that surrounded a huge yard in front of a quaint little school. It couldn't have housed more than 2 hundred students at most.
"Here we are." She announced, like I hadn't noticed. I'd seen the place in the brochure, but for some reason, I was still surprised by the way it looked. It really was beautiful, as Roy had described it.
"Come now, let's get your suitcase out of the back and get you settled. Oh, and don't worry, you don't have to go to any of your classes today."
"That's very kind of you."
"Oh no, we give every new girl the day to get settled, find all of her classes, look around, and just get acquainted with everyone."
"Well, thank you anyway."
"Your welcome. Oh, and your roommate should be waiting for you in your room to show you around. I believe you're in..." She pulled a little piece of paper out of her pocket and studied it for a few seconds. "...Dormitory number 2, room number 16. See, it says so here." She showed me paper. "This also has your schedule on it. Take it."
I took the paper from her and studied it.

|D. 2 |R. 16 |Evette K. Solares |Freshman |GPA: N/A | |BF |Gym |Breakfast |7:00-7:45am|Mrs. Rothcress | |P. 1 |Rm 12 |Gym |7:50-8:50 |Mrs. Silvensin | |P. 2 |Rm 14 |Math |8:55-9:55 |Mr. Alberich | |P. 3 |Rm 23 |History |10:00-11:00|Mrs. Gilben | |P. 4 |Rm 20 |English |1105-12:05 |Mr. Tonet | |Lunch |Gym |Lunch |12:10-1:10 |Mrs. Rothcress | |P. 5 |Rm 15 |Science |1:15-2:20 |Mrs. Olcman | |P. 6 |Rm 4 |Band |2:25-3:25 |Mrs. Duncan | |Dinner |Gym |Dinner |5:00-6:30 |Mrs. Rothcress | |Bed |Dorm |Lights Out |10:30pm |Mrs. Rothcress |

It wasn't a completely horrible schedule. I got band, which I'd really wanted. I played the flute. And I was very good according to a lot of people. My flute was the one thing I took pride in about myself. ... I had gym though... I despised that class. But, it was required.
"Well, shall we go inside?" She asked.
Honestly, I'd have preferred to stay outside, and live in her nice blue car, but I'm not sure she would have liked that. So I gave her one of my most anticipating smiles, and nodded. She started off for the school, and I followed.
When we stepped inside the front doors, we were in some kind of sitting room. Everything was pink and frilly. There were two doors, and a desk that a very happy looking blonde lady was sitting at.
"Hello Mrs. Rothcress! How was your drive? Oh! This must be Evette! How nice to meet you Evette! I'm Mrs. Hadlin!" She said, extending her hand over her desk to shake mine. I hesitantly shook it. The woman scared me. She was too happy for someone who sat around at a desk all day long.
"Nice to meet you Mrs. Hadlin." I said in my happy, perky, polite child, voice. She sensed the sarcasm in the statement that I'd tried to hide, though. Her smile faded a bit, and she sat down, and went back to whatever task she had been doing before.
"See you two later." She said, not near as enthusiastically.
We walked through the door that was directly in front of us. It opened into a huge horizontal hallway filled with doors. We took a right, walked a few feet, and went into a door marked Dormitory 2. In this room there were a couple assorted chairs and tables. Against the wall across from us was a row of doors marked with numbers 12-16. We walked to the far left end of the room, and entered the last door. Inside was a small room with two desks, two wardrobes, another door, and a girl sitting on the top bunk of a bunk bed.
"Oh. Your bunkmate is Lexi... " Said Mrs. Rothcress whispered under her breath with disdain.
The girl looked at us as a cat would, surveying everything with bright, emerald green eyes. She had short, feathered, auburn hair with black streaks. She was wearing a skirt that was a lot shorter than mine, and it looked as if it had been cut. I also noticed she wore a lot of make up, and she had about 4 piercings in each ear, along with her eyebrow.
Overall she was very pretty, but not in the way Mrs. Rothcress was. She was, in more of a reckless, pure way. I could imagine her as a small child running around with long hair streaming behind her, never combed. And with dirt smudges on her face because she hated taking baths, but loved playing in the mud.
She smiled at me, as her eyes looked me up and down, as mine had already done to her. Yet, I felt strangely awkward. I started running fingers through my long, brown, curly hair, straightening the knots out.
"Hello." She said. "I'm Alexis. Call me Lexi though."
"Hello." I said, not being able to figure out anything else to say.
"Lexi, this is Evette. Evette, Lexi. Now, Lexi, you know what to do. Just show her around the school, and to her classes, and answer any questions she has, and such. "
"Yes Mrs. Rothcress. ...Does that mean I have full access to everything?" She asked, with a mischievous smile.
"...Yes, anywhere that students are authorized to go, you may go, to show her around." She responded, emphasizing the last bit. "Well... I'll be going now. You have your schedule, and your escort. I hope you have a wonderful time at Austere Academy, Evette." She turned and walked out the door without a second glance.
"Well then... Evette." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know, I think we should call you Eve. Yes, Eve. You definitely need a nickname, and Eve is perfect. ...Do you mind being called Eve?"
"No, not at all." I said smiling shyly.
"Good." She said. She seemed happy now. "Well, let's get you unpacked." She hopped off the bed, and was still a good 3 inches taller than me. "You get the bottom bunk, and this wardrobe over here." She pointed to the wardrobe at the end of the bed.
"Alright." I took my things to the end of the bed, sat down, and started unpacking. She followed me, and sat to my right. All was silent as I started putting my things away. She did nothing but watch me as I took item after item out, and placed it into the drawers systematically.
"You're an organized one, aren't you?" She stated
"Yeah, I guess I pick it up from my Father. He's very articulate."
"See that's him." I said, pulling out a picture of my family. "And that's my mum, and that's my sister Melody."
"You and your sister are very pretty." She said, looking down at me.
"Thank you." I said. ...Normally I didn't like it when people complemented me, but there was something different about her. Something completely out there that I couldn't describe. I hoped I'd get to know her better.
"Can I see your schedule?" She asked."
"Sure," I said. I handed it to her, and she glanced at it briefly, grabbed my hand, and started walking off at a brisk pace. She let go once we reached the long hallway.
"Come on. We're off to your first class, gym." She said, smiling at me. We walked out the door, and turned a left. We walked for a bit, went into another door, walked down another hallway, went through another door, and were inside a large gymnasium. There were about 30 girls running laps, all wearing the same uniforms: dark blue shorts, and a dark blue shirt with AUSTRE ACADEMY written in big, white, bold letters on the back.
"You haven't got a uniform yet, have you?"
"No," I said.
"Well then, let's go see Mrs. Sulenson."
I followed Lexi as she walked across the gym. Across the gym. Not around the runners, or even in between them, right into a group of them. One of them tried to trip her, but was unsuccessful. I could see Lexi was well loved here.
Lexi led me to a man who was standing next to a window on the far side of the gym. He had a clipboard in his hands, which he would occasionally look down at and scribble something on, then continue to watch the girls as they ran.
As soon as he spotted us, his face morphed into a slow smile.
"Well hello Alexis. How have you been?"
"Oh, um, Mr. Tonet. Where's Mrs. Sulenson?" Lexi said, looking suddenly a bit nervous.
"This's her break period." He said, looking highly pleased.
"Oh... Well, I was wondering if I could get a set of uniforms for Eve." She said, gesturing towards me. "She's new here..."
"Why yes." I could feel his eyes upon me as his gaze moved from Lexi. I didn't like it at all. It was like he was studying every bit of me. Appraising me almost... But, in the worst of ways. It gave me a sick feeling, and at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to hide from him. "What size pants do you wear... Eve, is it?"
"Yes, that's right. And, I wear size five."
"Five, well then, let me go check the back."
He turned and went into the room behind him, and as he did, both Lexi and I let out a quiet sigh. Obviously she didn't like him much either. Who knew what reasons she had... I just thought he was plain eerie. As she waited for him, she made small, abrupt movements. It was as if she felt like he was still watching her.
"Here we are." He said, emerging from the room looking me over again. "These look like they should fit nicely."
"Thank you," I said, taking the articles of clothing from him.
"Alright Eve, let's go." Lexi said hurriedly.
"Wait, Lexi, can I see you after class? There's something I would like to talk to you about."
"Um... Sure." She said, unnervingly. "I gotta go now. Bye." She turned quickly, putting her hand on my back, and pushing me towards the exit.
As soon as we got closed the door to the gym, Lexi leaned against it, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She looked stressed. Her fists were clenched, her skin looked tight, and her breathing was sharp and ragged.
"Are you ok?" I asked politely, unsure of what to do.
She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
"Never mind that." She said briskly. "Let's go back to our room and put your gym uniform away."
"Ok." I said, not wanting to push the subject.
Once we got back, she showed me where she kept all her things, where I could put mine, where stuff was in the lavatory, and all those types of things. Then, we went around to all my classes so I knew where they were. I hoped I could remember and not get lost... I hated getting lost. That meant asking for directions, and I hating asking people for things. Again, it made me feel like a bother.
After all that we went back to the room, and sat on my bed. Apparently she liked feeling tall, and looking down on everyone, so maybe that's why I got the bottom bunk. I was right with my earlier observation about how she seemed like a cat surveying everyone. She definitely reminded me of one.
Not that it mattered to me. I liked sleeping as close to the floor as I could get. I had a phobia of falling off the edge. I couldn't sleep up there.
"So..." She said. "What do you wanna do now?"
"I'm not sure... what would you like to do?"
"I don't really care. It's up to you. Is there anything else you'd like to know?"
"Not anything about the school really..." She smiled broadly at me.
"You wanna ask ME questions, doncha?"
"Oh, no, I don't want to pry."
"It's alright, ask away. We might as well get close, we are going to be roommates."
"How long have you been here?" I said, studying a poster on the wall. It was of a band I'd never heard of. On it was a woman who was topless, with her back facing the camera, but her head turned to it. She had short choppy hair, pale skin, dark red lipstick, and black eyeliner on. What struck me as most interesting was the giant tattoo on her back of an elaborate cross.
"Since kindergarten. My parents didn't really have the time to raise a child full-time, but they'd never think of giving me up for adoption, so, they sent me here. The only time I ever see them is during the summer. They don't really have the time for holidays... except for Christmas... Sometimes."
"That's horrible." I said softly.
"Ah, I'm used to it by now. Besides, they give me whatever I want in return. Note the get-up. I can have any clothes, jewelry, make-up I want. Anything. It's nice... but sometimes I want them more." She looked kind of sad for a second, but then she suddenly brightened up. "But, that's all said and done. They have their lives, and I have mine. ...So, why'd your parents ship you off?"
"...No reason in particular. They just thought it was a good idea."
"Ah. Trying to give their little girl the best?"
I let her think what she would and nodded. ...I'd tell her eventually the real reason I was there, but not just yet. It was too soon. I wasn't about to go telling a stranger my life's story like the silly American on the plane.
"That's why most people end up here." Her voice trailed off, and she looked out the window for a few moments. "But, yeah."
It was quiet for a few seconds. Lexi sat there, engulfed in arbitrary unknowns. As she did this, I decided to get lost in my own. I wondered what Melody was doing about now... I wanted more than anything to see her, or even talk to her right then. I wanted to tell her about everything, about the lady in the waiting room, about my new roommate, about my classes, about the gym teacher, about anything...
Suddenly a bell rang. I could hear hundreds of people moving around outside our door. Then someone knocked on the door.
"Yeah." Lexi said. In came a tall girl with long black hair that came to her waist. She had a light complexion, and she wore her make-up in a fashion similar to Lexi.
"How come you weren't in Gym?" She said looking at Lexi, and not even noticing me. Lexi gestured towards me as she spoke.
"New student. This's my roommate Eve. Charity, Eve. Eve, Charity."
"Hey." She said pleasantly.
I just smiled at her.
"She's a bit shy, don mind it." Lexi said, smiling at me as she walked past Charity, and through the doorway.
"Aw, that's ok, I don mind." Charity said, turning, and following Lexi. I stood up and followed them both.
"Where are we going?"
"It's lunch time," Lexi said.
When we reached the cafeteria, we were immediately hit by the sounds of hundreds of students eating, talking, laughing, playing around, and such. I didn't like it. It was too noisy, and there were to many people. It made me nervous, very nervous. I stayed close behind Lexi as we walked over to the lunch line. I could feel all the stares. They all wondered who I was. I didn't want anyone to come up and introduce themselves. I hated meeting new people. Except Lexi, of course. Lexi was wonderful, and her friend Charity seemed quite nice too.
"Burger, burrito, or pizza?" The lunch lady said tiresomely.
"Wha? Oh, um..." I looked to Lexi.
"Get the burger, it ain't half bad."
"Alright, the burger please."
She plopped one on my plate, looked to Charity, and said the same thing. It was like she had no other words in her vocabulary.
We moved up in the line. There were several bowls, each with a variety of things in it. I ended up with a biscuit, an orange, and a salad.
We walked away from the lunch line, and past a few tables, to a remotely empty one. There were 4 girls sitting there already. Lexi took a seat, I sat next to her, and Charity sat on the other side of her. They started having a hushed conversation. I tried to hear it, but it was no use, there was too much noise.

"So, what's with Eve?" Whispered Charity.
"I'm not really sure. She says she's here just because, but I don't believe it."
"...She's kinda cute, you know that?"
"Duh, you think I haven't noticed? Oh, and by the way I have dibbs on her." I said smiling.
"Darn, I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I tried for her." She said, smiling back. "Hey, do you even know if she's bi/les?"
"No... She hasn't SAID anything per-say, but I have a feeling she is, but she doesn't know it yet. They way she studies chicks... I dunno, there's something about it that screams she's not straight. When she first saw me, I swear she was checking me out. ...I could feel her eyes on my legs."
"Interesting, very interesting. Well, you guys should make highly amusing roommates."
"Oh, I do hope so." I said, turning to Eve. She had her face almost in her plate. The poor thing was so shy and unsure of what to do. I knew she would have given anything to not be there. I was gonna change that, though. I was going to make her love it at Austere Academy. ...I hoped she might fall in love with me, too.
"So, are you enjoying your lunch," I said, trying to involve her in the conversation.
"Yes. It's quite nice." She said, not really looking at me.
"...What's the matter?" I said quietly to her. She looked up at me quizzically.
"Um, uh, nothing. I'm fine." She said, looking back down at her food.
"Eve dear, I'm not that dense."
"...Well, I was just thinking about my sister. I miss her. ...A lot."
"Is that it?" I said, knowing it wasn't.
"Uh... well, not really."
"What is it," I said, turning more to her, so we could talk easier.
"It's just... Look, can I tell you something?"
"Any time." I said, trying to be as reassuring as possible.
"My dad, he, uh...." She took a deep breath. "My dad..." She looked very nervous.
"You don't have to talk about it here if you don't feel comfortable."
"Thank you." She said. She began to eat again without a word. The rest of lunch was filled with polite and amusing conversation. After we finished eating, Eve and I went back to our room while everyone else went to class.
I closed the door, and turned. She was sitting on the bottom bunk, staring at her shoes.
"So... You were saying?" I said, sitting next to her.
"What I wanted to tell you earlier..." She stopped for a moment. "I can't believe I'm telling you this." She said, smiling for a brief second.
"It's alright."
"Well, ever since I was little I... me and my sister..." She took a deep breath. "My Father, he... "hurt" us..."

It suddenly dawned upon me why she was so shy, and why she didn't like touch very much. I'd only known her for half a day, but I felt like I understood her completely.
"You mean he abused you."
"Y-yes." She said. Tears started rolling down her face. She didn't make a sound though, she just watched the as they fell from her chin onto her pleated, blue skirt, leaving little black dots. "You know. We've never told anyone before, my sister and I."
"I don't doubt that."
She suddenly got a look of great fear in her eyes.
"You won't tell anyone, will you?"
"Not if you don't want me to..."
"Thank you." She said, relaxing once more.
"...Didn't your Mother try to stop him, ever?" I asked carefully.
"No. She doesn't want to cause any more problems then there already are."
Suddenly her tears turned into sniffling, which grew into sobs that shook her whole body. I reach over to put my arm around her. But, as I touched her, she shrunk back.
"I'm sorry, it's habit..."
"I know. Don't worry though." I said, pulling her close to me. "I will never hurt you."
She cried on my shoulder for who knows how long. And I just held her. She was crying out all the pain she'd had for about 14 years. After a while she stopped, and looked up at me.
"I'm sorry about all this... you really shouldn't have to deal with my problems. You don't even know me..."
"It's perfectly alright. I don't mind. And I'd love to know you."
This made her smile, and she buried her head in my blouse. We sat there for another long while. Her breathing in ragged breaths and me stroking her long hair, trying my best to calm her.
A bell rang, signaling 5th period. She pulled away from me, and stood up to go use the bathroom. I looked at my blouse; there was a large wet stain on it. I got up and went over to my wardrobe and changed it. She walked back into the room just as I grabbed a shirt to wear.
I took off the old one, and tossed it into the bottom of the wardrobe. As I put on the new one, I could see her watching me nonchalantly out of the corner of my eye.
"So..." I said, sitting back down next to her.
"What do you want to do?"
"What ever you want. I don't mind." She said, taking back her place at my side.
"Let's go for a walk around the school." I said.
We wandered around the hallways talking about random things, but mostly silent. We went outside after a bit. It was beautiful out. I decided to bring her to my favorite spot. It was in the back, under a giant, old, maple tree. No one was outside, and no one would be for another period. It was already 6th. The day was almost over. It seemed to have taken forever.
I spotted Brie walking around. I hoped she wouldn't notice us, but she did. She walked right over, and stood in front of Eve and I.
"Well, look who it is-"
"Why are you out of class?" I cut her off. I didn't want her finishing her sentence. I knew what she was going to say. She was going to make some sort of comment about me being a lesbian, and if Eve found out this early, I knew she'd never get close to me again.
"Because I feel like it. It's none of your business. What are you doing out here? Making out I suppose. You horny lesbians are always doing shit like that." She said, looking at Eve and I like we were insects, when it was she who was the insect. She was the bug that needed to be squashed. Badly. But, unfortunately, Brie and her friends were an infestation that I could never get rid of.
Eve gave me a funny look. I gave her a shy smile.
"Eh, why am I even here talking to you people." She said as she turned, and walked towards the front of the school.
"Lesbian?" Eve said, looking at me intently, like I was something extremely foreign.
"Uh, yeah," I said. "I've been one for about 4 years..."
"Oh." She looked a bit uncomfortable now.
"Look, I hope this doesn't make anything different. ...I'm assuming you're straight."
"Yeah, I guess. I've never considered anything else. I'm completely closed to the idea... Not that I've had an interest in girls either... How did you know you were?"
I was kind of cute how she was fumbling around. Eve talked a lot when she was nervous. She'd obviously thought about it, and realized that she'd checked girls out before. I could tell she wanted, in a way, to admit that she was. But, she couldn't. It was against some set of morals that she had.

"I just caught myself checking out this girl, one day. I thought about it. And I realized, I really liked the way females looked. I admitted to myself that I found it appealing. I'd had a few boyfriends, but I'd never been too attracted to them. In the end, all of them ended up just being my friends." I explained.
"Just, wondering."
I contemplated telling her what I thought about her. What would she do if I suggested that she might be a lesbian, or at very least, bi? Hmm...
"Have you ever thought about being a lesbian, or even bi?"
"Me? Well, not, um, I don't, uh..."
"Can I take that as a yes?"
"I guess I may have, er, well, not, um..."
She was trying so hard to let herself tell me, it was almost sweet. ...I wanted her to admit it to me. I wanted her to so that I could tell her that, even though I hardly knew her, I had a huge crush on her.
"It's not like it's some disease or something. It's ok to like chicks. They really are quite beautiful."
"I know... Um... Does it mean you are, if you, uh, notice them?"
"Not really," I said, highly amused. "It's more of the way you notice them I suppose. Not that you just notice they're appealing, but that you like the way they're appealing... I'm not sure, I can't really describe it."
"Why do you ask?"
"No reason." She said quickly.
"Ok then... because it's ok if you think you might be. But, if you aren't, that's ok too."
"It's not... I... Well..."
"Hehe... Just... say what's on your mind."
"I... don't know."
"Well, I could... help you decide?"
I gave her a sly smile, and she looked at me in a way I couldn't describe. It was a mixture of disgust, want, curiosity, need, and, in a way, giving in.
And then the bell rang. We sat there silent. After a few minutes, a couple girls came running out of the school. Some wandered around aimlessly, but others walked with more of a purpose, and ended up in random places either meeting people, or sitting down and doing homework or something of the like.
"Come on, let's go back inside, it's too crowded out here."
We silently got up, and went back to our dorm. There weren't many people inside, it was too nice outside. Everyone had gone to sit in the sun except for a few people scattered about the room. Charity was there, waiting for us. So were Annäis, Rayne, and Sydni, all huddled in a corner, talking.
"Hey guys. We were wondering where you got off to." Said Charity.
"Yeah, we were just outside. ...Oh, this is Eve. Eve, that's Rayne, Sydni, and Annäis."
"Hello," She said, not looking directly at any of them.
"Sit." Rayne commanded.
We sat down on the couch with Sydni as they resumed their conversation.
"So, when does she have to be out by?" Said Rayne.
"Um... Probably by tomorrow morning." Answered Charity.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Renee was caught with a guy in her room AGAIN, last night. Mrs. Hadlin 'walked in' on them while she was doing the late checks." Said Charity. She seemed to know all about it.
"How do you know?"
"Heh... Well, I sorta overheard Stephanie and her talking about it..."
"Nice... Eavesdropper." I said, smiling.
"And proud." She said smugly.
"And according to Renee he was quite hot, too..." Her voice trailed off, as she studied me. "I still don't understand how you can be a lesbian."
"And I don't understand how you can be straight." I said.

We talked for the whole afternoon, or, at least until the bell for dinner rang. I wanted more than anything for it to not be dinner. Because once we had dinner, it would be over... and then... His face was stuck in the back of my mind like a poster tacked on the wall. It was like a part of the scenery. But, I wanted frantically, to rip it down. I couldn't though, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't.
And then dinner was over. Charity was standing up, and the rest of the girls were following her. When I finally stood up, Eve stood up too.
"Hey, you guys? I'll be back in the dorm later. See you then."
As I turned, Eve tried to follow me.
"Oh, hey, I'll see you back there too, okay? I'll only be about a half hour or so."
"Alright," she whispered, as she turned, and followed the rest of the girls. I wanted greatly to go back with her. I wanted to be with her a hundred times more than I wanted to be with Mr. Tonet.
I walked out the opposite side of the gym, took a left, and walked straight until I reached the teachers' quarters. Mr. Tonet didn't live in his quarters. Not all of the teachers did, but they still received them.
When I got to his door, I knocked lightly, and in a few seconds the door opened. Mr. Tonet's head poked out the doorway.
"Hello Lexi, you showed this time. How nice." He said, with the same sly, sickening smile he always wore. "Do come in."
I stepped inside and he closed the door behind me, but not before checking the hall to she if anyone had seen me enter.
He walked up to me, and put one arm around my waist, while he brought his other hand up to my face. He lifted my chin so I was looking him in the eyes.
"You are so beautiful, and if you use that quality right, you can get so far in life." He said; as he leaned down to kiss me.
His tongue entered my mouth, and I let mine enter his. He tasted of dinner. Meatloaf. I hated the taste, but I tolerated it.
His hand moved down from my face, to my chest, where it rested. Slowly, he backed us up to his bed. We lay down, never once disconnecting. His hand was still on my chest, but not for long. I could feel his starting to unbutton my shirt. The right went to help. Then my shirt was off and my bra was going to be in a few moments. And it was. I was suddenly completely topless. His room was chilly, but his hands were very warm, just like they had always been. Very gentle... But I had no clue why it bothered me. Maybe it was because I knew it was wrong. Because deep down I knew we shouldn't be doing it. It was wrong. I was 16, he was 34, and I had no interest in him what so ever, besides his grading.
I had started doing him favors one night last year. He asked me to go to his room after dinner to discuss my gym grades that were slipping drastically and bringing down my G.P.A. It was because I refused to participate in anything. I hated the class, and the whole world knew it.
When I arrived, he stated that there was some extra credit that I could do to help my grades. And then he put his hand my leg, and moved it up my skirt. And eventually I gave in. I guess I thought, what the hell. I wasn't a virgin, I needed the grades, and he wasn't the worst looking person in the world... Even if I was a lesbian.
He started undoing his own shirt. He had figured out early that I refused to do anything other than maneuver my tongue. That's all I ever did. It made me feel a little bit better about it... but not much.
When we were both completely naked, he stopped kissing my lips, and moved his mouth down. He was sucking on my breast... I would have a hicky from it the next morning. Good thing no one saw my chest. As he was doing this, I could feel his erection rubbing against the inside of my thigh.
Suddenly, I felt him inside of me. His lips came off my chest, and he was humping me like a horny goat. I let out a muted moan signaling the orgasm I should have had. He never once, in all the times I'd come to see him, gave me an orgasm. Tonight was no different. Then again, he was no different than any of the other guys I'd been with. Quite a few, too. Heheh... Who knows why I only got satisfaction from chicks. Maybe it's just another characteristic of being a lesbian.
He made some random pleasured noises, and then crawled off of me. Thank God it was over with. He ran his hand along my leg as he stood up, his eyes all over me as I was sprawled on his bed, legs wide open.
"...So beautifully pleasing..." He whispered as he searched the floor for his boxers.
"To your left," I mumbled, sitting up.
"Ah, my thanks."
I started getting dressed too. I retrieved my lacy black panties and matching bra, put them on, and finished getting dressed. Mr. Tonet watched.

As I walked towards the door, straightening my hair out, he stood up, blocking my way. My face was inches from his chest. He smelled of cologne. It wasn't overpowering and nasty like most guys', though. He wore it sparingly. You could only smell it if you were close enough.
"You don't have to go yet," He said.
I wished he would just fuck me, and let me go. With normal guys, that's all they wanted. But no, just my luck that he would like me for more than just the way I looked.
"I can't. The girls in my dorm are expecting me. If I'm gone too long... they'll ask questions."
"Yes, I suppose you're right... I'm assuming you still have told no one."
"Of course."
"Good. Though... you might be out of a job if that new girl doesn't do too hot in gym and doesn't mind seeing me..." He said smiling. "I'm kidding! I'd never let you go. Though, If you wanted to mention it her, I wouldn't mind, and I'd do whatever she liked in return."
"I don't think she's like that. She's a good girl."
"Ah, just like the majority of the girls here. I was hoping her appearance betrayed her."
"Sorry to disappoint you." I said. I would NEVER let Eve get roped into Mr. Tonet's sick fantasies with teenage girls. "Look, I've really got to be going now."
I tried to get past him again. But he stopped me.
"Now now, just one more goodbye kiss... or two."
He kissed my lips, and then my cheek, and then my neck, and then the part of my chest my blouse didn't cover up. My breathing was becoming hard. Why couldn't he just let me go? I gave him what he wanted.
I tried another attempt at leaving, but he just put his arms around me. I was rooted to the spot. His mouth met mine again. This time his tongue came in contact with mine. It took all the strength I had not to bite it.
I finally roughly pushed him away, and ran out the door. As I was walking down the corridor, I could picture him standing in his room with a smirk on his face. He knew how to push my buttons. He knew how to go too far, but not TOO far. And he liked doing it.
I walked into my room, and immediately went into the bathroom to try and get the nasty taste of him out of my mouth. I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't go back again... But I would, I knew it. If I wanted to keep my G.P.A up, I had to.
The half open door swung inward slowly, and Eve was standing in the doorway.

"Are you alright?" I asked as she spit out a mouthful of water.
"Fine." Lexi said, letting out a long breath and staring at her reflection in the mirror.
"Where were you?"
"No where important."
I told her my deepest secret, yet, she wouldn't tell me what was troubling her. This slightly upset me... Maybe she didn't trust me. I could understand that. It had only been a day. Yet.... I'm not sure. All I know is I trusted her.
I turned, and walked out of the doorway to leave her alone.
"Wait Eve, I'm sorry."
"No, it's fine. If you don't want to talk about it, I won't push the subject."
"You deserve the right to know. You told me what was the matter with you... So now I'll tell you what's wrong with me. How can we ever become good friends if we don't tell each other things?"
This made me very happy. She did like me. She didn't think I was a bother or anything.
She walked past me and sat on my bed. I went after her, and sat too.
"Well, see... It all started last year when I was failing gym. I hated the class, still hate it, and refused to do anything that took real effort. And, well, one day Mr. Tonet asked me about extra credit when I was talking to him after school... And that's how I started..." She took a deep breath. "Sleeping with him to keep my grades up."
I froze for a second. What in the world?! Why would she do such a thing?! But then I looked at her, and I couldn't think badly of her. Not with that expression on her face. She looked so upset, but solemn at the same time.
"And every time I do it he does something to upset me... He likes it; I think it entices him or something, who knows. But he won't just leave me alone afterwards. I can't stand him... but I know I'll go back."
"Why are you so worried about your gym grade?" I asked.
"If I fail gym, it'll lower my G.P.A. And if my G.P.A. goes down, my parents will transfer me. The people in this place are the only good things about my life. I couldn't bare leaving..."
I wanted so much to put my arms around her at that moment, like she did with me. But... for some reason I just couldn't. I wasn't sure why. I felt odd... Or something along those lines. Yet, I knew that's what she needed. What she needed...
I put my arms around her, and hugged her. And she put her arms around me, and leaned her head my shoulder.
"...Thank you..." She said quietly.
Her hair smelled good. It was strawberries and something else cologne- ish almost. She felt warm and soft. I didn't want to let her go.
Lexi repositioned her head so it was resting in the crook of my neck. I patted her back like I'd done so many times with Melody.
Then I felt something warm and moist on my neck. The sensation moved upwards. All of a sudden Lexi's lips met mine. I froze again. What was I to do?
She jumped back, holding her face in her hands.
"Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I... I..."
She looked frantic, but, I imagine I did too. She gazed up at me, and the look she got in her eyes told me she thought she'd just made the worse mistake in her life. But it wasn't. I wasn't sure why, but, I was fine. I thought nothing of it. Maybe I was still in a state of shock. Who knew...
"I'm so sorry. Good night..." She crawled up onto her bunk, and the room became silent. It was then that I realized I hadn't said a word to her. I hadn't said anything to try and make her feel better. I hadn't told her that I was ok. I didn't mind. What had I done...
I lied down on my bad and stared at the bottom of the top bunk wondering if I should say something, or what I should say to her.
"...It's ok. I'm not angry at all..." I said finally, after a long while.
"Please don't say things just to make me feel better." She said.
"I'm not. Even though I would like you to feel better. I'm simply stating how I feel about it...."
"...Thank you."
"...For what?"
"I don't know."
Then it was silent. Slowly, I fell asleep. And that was the end of my first day at Austere Academy.