You scream, you squeal, you giggle,
You waltz about seemingly carefree,
Your eyes are shallow and empty to me,

I would like to show you a place that you have visited before,
On those "sad" days,
On those "depressing" days,
It is a bad place, a sad place,
A dark place, a bleak place,
Let me open a window into my mind and show you,
A vast plane of fire and ice as far as the eye can see,
A place of molten rock and blizzards comingled,
Here you are burned and scalded together as you walk,
Life is suffering here you see,
You have visited this dark place,
But I live here.

You seem so hollow I feel like you should float away,

You seem so empty of meaning I feel as if I should pass right through you,
I wonder at you and how you can live life the way you do,

Then I remember.

You don't understand enough to know,
For you December means Winter, not Melancholy,
For you Spring means green things grow, not Renewal and Love,
For you exist, you do not live.

You cannot understand me,
It would be like trying to pour a lake into a puddle,
Too much is lost, too much is wasted you see,

Which is why I cannot stand you.