It's gotten to the point,
Where enough is enough,
It's gotten worse than that,
I fear that my tears,
Shall turn to stone,
But I rarely cry now,
There's no longer a reason.

I've gotten to the point,
I just want to give in,
I want to feel the blackness,
The coldness on my skin.

Life has pressured me too far,
And now has stepped the line,
The boundaries I marked out,
Where thick but now are fine.

Love has shattered me to many a time,
To the point I cannot be fixed,
It's stabbed the dagger more than twice,
I lay with blood on my lips.

I have driven the blade too far,
It's too deep to pull back out,
My skin frizzles and chars black,
My blood drips, I here the sound.

You have drowned me within my arms,
I now hold myself so tight,
Why aren't you here?
Why weren't you there?
On that inevitable night.

By Siobhan
Date: 9/April/2004