The pain has come back.
I find it harder to breath.
The quick way out,
Why does the blade gleam?

Why do these tears spill?
For months I haven't cried,
Why does life tease me?
It knows I wish to die.

Why must I watch?
I don't want to see,
I can hear his tears,
I feel them rain on me.

Why does he get hurt?
When I'm the one to blame,
I cared about him,
So it's him who gets framed.

Why must life be so cruel?
'Some day you shall see',
He told me that,
I don't want it to be.

To many long minutes,
To many tears,
To many questions,
Too many fears.

I'm sick of these feelings,
Bottled up inside,
Of all of humanity,
I'm sick of all these lies!

I'm fucking sick of the way,
Life treats me!
It can stop the tears,
It can make me free.

But I shall stay here,
Worried about you,
Never about me,
Never about me,
Never about me.

The knife shall still cut,
My tears continue to pour,
The blood drips out,
Staining the floor.

By Siobhan
Date: 9/April/2004