Don't go

don't go

Just yet

I need a

Few more hits

This shit is blazed

It will take a

Few more days

To purge this

Memory I have

Of the stage

On which I stood

Declaring war

On a principle

And nothing more

I live for you

I would die for you

In a moment of truth

I would lie for you

I do it anyway

But that's not the point

Just keep me in the rotation

While your passin that joint

Everyday should be

Special for you

So you cant let go

When it comes time too

Leave me behind

Its sabotage at my hand

Unconsciously leading you

Like a lamb

To the slaughter of your freedom

Love is all I feel

For you boy

Masking desperation

Disguising lamentation

I got 20 bucks though

It might be

Worth the while