By Allison Stanzione
My tear stained face
Looks up at you
I've been crying for so long,
Never knowing what to do.

I've cut my wrists, my arms
More then twice.
I've almost posioned myself
But I didn't think the time was right.

I hold so much in
Not letting anything out
I cry one night
While holding my wrist to the blade of the knife

After all my screaming and crying is done
You still are there
Hugging me, telling me everything's okay.
But then you talk about her and I turn away.

If I were you, and you were me
I'd leave me alone, to make you happy
So you wouldn't have someone making you feel bad.
So you won't have someone to make you mad.

I need to give up on you
Quit, and find something else to do
Talking about Davey isn't helping me much
I just talk about him and mess everything else up.

Just wait till the summer,
When you're away
I'll go in my room and cut
All day.
While thinking of you, I'll close my eyes
The knife pushed against me,
I'll say my goodbye.