My heart is blackening…

I don't have any feeling…

Becoming cold…

From what you're putting me through,

I don't know why I care for you,

Or why I even bother

To simply look your way,

I know you're not looking back,

Because you ignore me,

No matter what I say

Or do,

But I'm still here,

Waiting for you to look my way,

But you never do,

I don't see why not,

All I know is that

You figured out how I felt for you,

But you still don't care,

You drive me to the point

Where I can't remember why

I ever thought you were the person

I could be next to

And be happy,

Where did I ever get that idea,

How is it that I hate you so,

But I can't get you out of head,

So I just want to say…

I hate you,

I hate you,

And I will hate you until the end of time,

Or until I see you might just care…

But just a little…

I'll never forgive you fully for this recent past,

So sorry in advanced,

If you ever change your mind.