Once upon a time there was a girl named Dee who was happy. She had everything she would have ever wanted. A rich,loving family, excellent grades, caring,trustworthy dependable friends, and best of all the boy of her dreams. He loved her unconditionally, was incredibly cute and she was completely comfortable around him. Life was perfect, nothing could go wrong. One day, while on her way out to meet her boyfriend, she ran into another girl who was sitting on the curb, crying. Being the kind, sweet girl she was, she stooped down to find out if she could help the girl. "Are you okay?" Dee asked gently. The girl looked up, her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear-stained. Dee looked at her. Her eyes widened. The girl looked familiar, but she wasn't quite sure who she was. She wasn't the prettiest girl she'd ever met, but she wasn't exactly ugly either. Judging by her clothing, Dee could tell this girl wasn't the richest either. A third girl appeared, she saw the two girls on the street curb, and decided to listen. The girl sighed and decided she had nothing to lose, therefore she unloaded her problems on Dee, a complete stranger. "I'm all alone" she whispered. "I had the best friend in the world, then i lost her because i made some stupid choices...I don't even know why i made them, but i know i made them...and now my life is hell, I really did love her, as a friend of course...but she was the closest thing to me ever... My best friend's gone and I can't do anything about it." Tears began to roll down her face. She paused to wipe them away. Dee blinked something about what the girl had said rung a silent bell inside her head. But she said nothing and nodded. The girl continued."And then...well i've always had more than one best friend, but this one was a guy. We were always pretty close, until he got a girlfriend that is, and now, we can barely talk because he'd ramble on about her endlessly. He never acknowledged how I felt and even when i pointed out i wasn't in the mood to listen to what his girlfriend and him had been doing, five seconds later, he'd forget about it and do it again. And i barely see him anymore. Even at school, he's always with her..I can never talk to him anymore" the girl sighed. Dee urged the girl to continue. This all seems so familiar. she thought. "Don't you have any other friends?" Dee asked now entranced by the girl's story. "Yes, I do...but we were never close. It's just i don't know whether she's really my friend or not. Katrina of them constantly tries to inflict pain upon me, whether it's emotional or physical. She taunts me and hurts me. She's relentless even when i plead her to stop. I'm so frustrated with her. I don't know what to do. And then there's Katrina's best friend..Madison. Well it seems that way anyways, despite the fact Katrina never acknowledges the fact that Madison has always been there for her...she still isn't considered a best friend to her. I mean, that's terrible, but i can't say anything...she doesn't seem to mind. Anyways...Madison..I don't know, she always seems to side with Katrina, so i can't do anything about her...I don't think she sees that Katrina takes her for granted." She stopped and took a deep breath. "And then there's another friend of mine, we had a bit of a fight, and now i don't know what to do with her, she seems to be avoiding me lately because of our past conflicts, but i don't know...and i don't know what to do. And then , there's this boy.." the girl trailed off. Dee bit her lip. "And then there's this boy, this boy you really like. But you barely know him and you know even know why you like him, but you do but you're too afraid to say anything to him and you can't seem to talk to him because of your past experiences, which makes you depressed because you really want him but you can't have him. And nobody can help you...and you don't know what to do, so you long for him endlessly and hope that maybe oneday, he'll understand." Dee finished as though she knew the story personally. The girl nodded, her expression unchanged. "You live in real life, not in a fairy tale, you've got to go out and make things happen, you feel as if you're broken heart can't take any more and all you want is for everything to be as it used to be. To have your knight in shining armour come and take you away. But life's not like that, you've got to make things happen if you want anything done. Life isn't always fair...you don't always get what you want." said Dee hugging the girl tightly with silent tears pouring down her cheeks. "But al i want is to be heard...to be loved, to be able to love..." the girl sobbed. They sat silently for several minutes.Crying. "Who are you two?" asked a voice from behind them. Dee turned around. And the other girl followed. The voice from behind them was from a girl. She looked exactly like the two girls sitting before her, but on her face she wore a lost, confused, hopeless expression which was usually hidden behind a mask of smiles, toughness and laughter. "We're you Dee" they whispered. And slowly, before her eyes, they vanished. Dee was speechless. She held her hands out before her, grasping for them. But she knew she could never get them back. She sat down on the curb where the other two sat moments ago, and cried endlessly..all alone.