Got inspired by Discovery Channel, if the world leaders knew science,
politicians would be a lot smarter. =)
Bush Fire's price

From a cigarette stub the flame starts bright
Then the man reaches for his gasoline
His old man did this; and the ones before
He pours without thinking, without remorse

He walks round to inspect his work; alright.
His soil this year will be 'fertile' and 'clean'
Each year his weakness is his wanting more
For in crisp new bank notes, he rejoice

Among the bushes creatures take flight
They must escape to flee this yearly plight
Fewer shall return the next night
More of them will burn into ashes set alight

Wood can shed no tears for mercy
But moan they did, and crackle in the heat
Young saplings bend and blacken with pain
Old ancient ones die; crumble to dust

When man stands upon Earth's old crust
Do take heed of other things beside us
Nature's value is more than what we fuss
Stop burning or the only brown left would be iron rust