Imagine seeing it,
Walking through it,
Feeling it,

Man's darkest hour walks by in a shadowy parade,
Empty eyes look imploringly up at your through the years,
As you stoop down and run your hands through the evils hate made,
Sadness wells up inside and crying will never be enough to empty the soul's tears,

Dipping my hands through time I can almost touch them,
I can almost help them,
But they slip away from me again and again as time pushes them away,
I can't even tell them,

I'm sorry.

It happened in those years long past,
As I walk through the ashes in my mind's eye I can see their pain,
It stretches on forever until the very last,
If only I could make it better or whole again,

I can't change the past.

The numbers etched into them,
All that they lost then and all that hate has cost them,
Word failed them then and fail me now,
When I try to explain how much it hurts,

But I can make it last.

So many people did so much back then,
How did the world keep spinning, weighed down by such sin,
I wonder at how I can't even feel what they did,
All I can do is look through the glass eye of time,

I can remember them and honor their memory.

Never again, please, never again.