I would break my hand,
But more pain won't help;
I would scream out loud,
But more anger won't help;
I would run away,
But more fear won't help;
I would slay the guilty,
But more death won't help.

I cannot help them,
So I write this poem;
I cannot change that they suffered,
So I write this poem;
I cannot stop such horrors alone,
So I write this poem;
It's all that I can do.

To help others understand,
Understand the pain that I feel,
The anger that I feel,
The fear,
The suffering.

Darkness settles upon the minds of a nation,
Evil settles upon the souls of the Silent murdererS,
Ignorance becomes the silent creed of a people,
A world denounces goodness and charity,
A deathly silence falls upon the Unwanted;

Unfamiliar clarity is given to the night,
An unwelcome shadow is cast by an emerging Four Legged Spider,
Ominous winds hold the scent of the most putrid and foul kind of sickness,
Unnatural life is given to inner demons;

Sheltered lives shrink back from the spreading inky black cloud of hate,
The species called humanity becomes something less than human,
Inner shadows dance with glee and are given sway to inflict ungodly suffering,
The scale of what evil men are capable of is finally made clear;

The sadness seems unending and eternity is blurred and lost to sight.

The Unwanted are branded with fear and it becomes their code of arms,
They are dressed up to be less than men and the blackened souls of the wicked delight,
They suddenly become the target of the frustrations of the weak and the bleak future is stained with blood,
They huddle together with only candles of hope and Light to warm them from the blighted, bone-chilling cold of a drizzle of hatred;

The Web grows and twisted strands of inky, bilious hatred slowly creak and snap and reach ever outwards,
As it crawls across the nation, a throng of demons gathers, they screech in delight and begin to cheer,
Rotting black fibers adhere to lies and deception, and subtly justifies atrocities as has been done many times before,
The strands of darkness gain in strength and girth so horribly quickly, it begins to tighten its hold upon the people;

One bleak night the Unwanted meadowlarks fly up into the carnival of evil spawned by a Four Legged Spider,
The strands of the loathsome Web are drawn fully taught, release and begin the Slaughter of the Unwanted,
The Unwanted become less than alive and the consciences of men cry out for justice, and there is no reply,
Inner demons of the Silent murdererS are given rule over men and the twisted, contorted bodies of the slain, innocent Unwanted litter the Web;

The evil seems unending and eternity is blurred and lost to sight.

Once upon a time there was a Four Legged Spider,
The Spider ensnared a Black Eagle and burrowed inside the noble bird,
Inside the Black Eagle the spider began to weave sticky black strands of night;

The Spider has many forms and many lives and has feed countless times upon the blood of the innocent,

There was a Web,
Woven with manic and gleeful malice by a Four Legged Spider,
Inside the Black Eagle the Web was finally completed;

This Spider is alive somewhere still, in another form and another place,

There were the Unwanted,
They are many wonderful, beautiful people from many vibrant, rich cultures,
Inside the Web, Inside the Black Eagle, they became Faceless and the Faceless were dragged into darkness by the Web;

This Spider is hidden somewhere bloody, for it has burrowed into another creature and spins another Web even now.

Find and kill the Spider, and save those whom it would drag with it into oblivion.