Welcome To My Mind

Written with a thesaurus, 13/03/04 (dd/mm/yy)

  There is everything here, but nothing here is mine

  Which says a great deal more about everything than I'm comfortable with

  The soul-saturating loveliness inherent in the star-filled void of this room is poignant, if ironic-

  Surely things hold more beauty than thoughts?


  Mind Over Matter?

  I suppose it's a matter of opinion, really

  And unquestionably the innumerable incandescent imaginings that glide through the stillness have a certain fascination about them

  If that's the sort of thing you fancy

  A room amongst many, doubtless

  The quietest room in the whole hopeless house

  The quietest room, possibly, in the entire godforsaken world?

  Welcome to my mind, sugar.

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