Young Carer
never remembered
living in silence
suffering alone

All over the world
our voice is ignored
the emphasis on adults
in a world they control

but what of us
the silent ones
who juggle two lives
that of home and that of school

Those of us
who live double lives
hiding behind masks
of fake 'normality'

Do you know what it is like
to live a lie
covering up for loved ones
as if they were a sin

Sunrises and so do I
to yet another day
in my fake 'normal' skin
worrying, wondering, will they find out?

Never having sleepovers
or friends home for tea
scared to bring boys hom
fearing they will leave

Young Carers all alone
are turning to knife and blade for understanding
slow dripping blood, there only release
from daily 'reality' and daily 'fakeness'.