Another dream I had a while ago and like with the last one it refused to go away until I wrote it down. Well enjoy. O and this time its yuri.

The Dreams we shouldn't have 2



We see two girls one with brown hair and one with blonde both sleeping on the wooden porch of some kind of country home.

The girl with the brown hair wakes up and covers her naked body with a blanket as see leans over the blonde haired girl. She then leans forward and starts to kiss her, gently at first and then with more passion and she slowly slips her tongue into her mouth.

Then the blonde haired girl awakes and sees what is happening. She returns the kiss much to the surprise of the brown haired girl and also moves her arms over her head as she lets out a small groan of pleasure.

That was what the brown haired girl was waiting for as she slowly tugged on the blonde's blanket slowly removing it off her naked body so that her small breasts were in clear sight.

Then with a animal like pant she began to play with her breasts by gently fondling them and then with a wicked grin going across her face she then began to twist the blondes nipples causing her to let out a louder moan of pleasure then before.

Then to my horror I woke up unable to get back to sleep.


I shouted at the top of my lungs. I was really enjoying that dream.