We stand
Facing each other
The music starts
We're off
For eternity

She dances with happiness
I dance with utopia
She dances with depression
I dance with despair
She dances with self-esteem
I dance with arrogance
She dances with sadness
I dance my own apocalypse
Brought on by her

Faster and faster
Our feet blur
In perfect unison
But she's early
She's always
One step ahead of me

Sweat streaks down our bodies
She never falters
I must not stop
I must not fall
in front of her

Our silent competition continues
Feet of lightning
Painted smiles
Hers- a naïve grin of friendship
Mine- a grim look of sad competition

Our steps never linger
Our rhythm never varies
We are trapped
Trying to one up each other
In this eternal game
of foolish competition
between friends