The Cause Of Her Death
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was about a year ago,when my beloved wife,
An Annabeth Gish type beauty has taken from my life.
Her name was Jane Tomlin and she has been quite
An immortal beauty,until something that I had figured might
Never happen has caused a drunk to force the life
Right out of poor Jane and left me all alone
To deal with the pain.Oh,sorry.My name's Slone
Tomlin and I've been looking for the one stupid punk
Who had killed my beloved Jane,while driving very drunk.

Even my friends make sure that I don't do this alone.

Just then,I've finally gotten a good solid lead from
One of my personal sources,a Mister Alexander Geroge Crom,
Who has been trading bits of information like it's stock
That should be traded on Wall Street and under lock
And key to keep such top secret information from
Any and all types of shady characters,who don't want
Someone to waltz right into their own neighborhood type quadrant
And cause everyone who had lived in there no end
Of trouble,which caused some residents to try to end
That psycho's terror rampage before it enters the next quadrant.

But that's too bad for them,because I've found him
Inside a seedy out of the way place called Tim's.
Just then,I've aimed my gun and pulled the triger.
That was how I've finally destroyed the cause of her
Death--I've aimed my gun,fired at and killed him.