Sally's Rapid Growth

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there are still some scientific mysteries that really should be left alone,like for instance,the growth of a human body.

However,that has turned out to be something that a boy genius named 'Brains' was unable to leave alone,for he has decided to speed up the growth process and see what happens.

After he had finally made the formula and went to his room to get his hamster for the first test,his sister,Sally had wandered into his laboratory,because she was looking for someone to play 'Tea Party' with.

Just then,after she had noticed a beaker filled with the formula and thought that it was actually lime flavored Kool Aid,Sally had picked up the beaker and drank the whole formula down,causing her to suddenly grow into a Jorja Fox type beauty.

Then suddenly,after 'Brains' had returned to the lab and noticed what had happened,he had towed his sister back into the house and told their parents the truth about his experiment and Sally's rapid growth being the result of it.

But in spite of noticing that their son has accomplished something that was truly amazing,his mother and father had grounded 'Brains' for a whole week and forbid him for performing any further experiments.

As for Sally,her father,Professor Walter Kent had taken her to his laboratory within the Neutrontech Industries building with hopes of reversing the process--and with any luck,he might possibly succeed.