A "free country" of "free people" and yet still we are enslaved. By the chains of popularity, greed, lust, love, hatred, racism, politics, cigarettes, drugs, emotions, bad families, rapists, sex, violence.. Pick a vice, any vice. Is it so difficult to simply let go of these imagined needs, to just free oneself? No. But in the mind's eye, things become so black and white. And it seems as thought issues always tend to be skewed so that the black, the darkness, becomes an inescapable vortex, sucking one's soul into its depths. Life's problems are never so desperate and impossible as the waiting mind does make them seem. A character from the anime Trigun said it best: We are all given "a blank ticket to life" filled with "limitless possibilities." So why do we insist on drawing ourselves towards what we think is the "best" path. Life is not so difficult that a person cannot, given enough time for pure and honest thought, simply discern the best path to take.
There are too many shades of truth being cast in what passes for today's "media." Naturally, exceptions must be acknowledged. But news agencies such as CNN often give half-truths; know by their common name as white lies. Again, naturally, in CNN there are likely those fighting against such blatant obscuring of reality. Yet, what people see and what people think about what they see greatly affect how opinions and thoughts are shaped. "Media" and "News" should be synonymous with truth, or as close to truth as possible. This would mean no white lies, no omission of facts, no tactful skewing of truth. A fact is not an opinion, so why is the news shaped so readily by opinions?
Simple fact of the matter: today too many things that are important are given to being completely and utterly ignored, such as the quite suffering of much of today's youth. What? How can this be? Simple, when was the last time that instead of a "study" or "survey," someone went out and tried to contact all of these suffering young adults on their level, and on their terms? I myself wouldn't know, but from what I can see there is much to be done. If anything should be obvious in today's world, it should be that the simple act of leaving a bad situation alone is tantamount to letting a gangrenous infection fester. Eventually, if an evil situation is not purged, it will kill that which it infects. Perhaps this is the case with today's youth, perhaps not. Nevertheless, it warrants a widespread effort, no matter how small, by the powers that be. An effort to contact young adults and find out what, if anything, ails them should be seriously considered.
This brings me to my point, the fulcrum of my swing at an evil I see pervading so much of today's society. Ignorance is a disease perpetuated by deception, and it works away at society from the ground up. Everyone must die, everyone must suffer, everyone must deal with horrors they never even thought to comprehend, life is suffering. Yet life also has happiness, joy, and bliss. Yet, the good and the bad must be taken into account together. Ignorance, voluntary ignorance (stupidity), denial, deception, self- deception, and all likenesses thereof are all diseases of society. As are greed and sloth, but both of these are simply outgrowths of the aforementioned. Regardless, these diseases are deadly. Self-deception is the seed of many a deadly plant. Self-deception often grows into self- righteousness, the rationalization of immoral deeds, or any number of other innumerable follies. At the base of every plant can be found a gardener who would rather be enslaved to a vice, who would rather deceive himself or herself then acknowledge and accept the suffering found in life. Deception is given power by these gardeners, and thusly sows its seeds of ignorance over and over again.
Yet, this is not entirely accurate as there are so many exceptions to everything in life. Essentially, ignorance often leads to acceptance of ignorance, acceptance of ignorance often leads to self-deception, self- deception often leads to any of innumerable actions of trains of thought that would normally be undesirable and distasteful. From this perspective, it truly would be best to simply accept life and all its thorns as something that must be dealt with with the eyes and mind wide open. After all, a blinded mind's eye has to be one of the saddest things on earth, especially if the owner's own hands did the blinding. It seems accepting and bearing life's suffering will, in the end, lead to less overall suffering in life. How ironic.