Metal rings against itself and shadows begin to grow,
I stagger back against myself and now can my enemy know,
A trail of blood carves through the air, it is a trail from my sword,
My eyes follow the path back on itself and glimpse the evil hoard,
Demons and nightmares rear up in the shadows as they overtake my charge,
Righteousness will not be enough tonight I fear for the battle is too large,
I wipe the blade along my arm and three stains the blood does leave,
As I look upon the path of the one who I protect I begin to grieve,
Though we have come far amongst much turmoil and dread,
I finally see how long it will be until her demons are dead,
Time as an enemy, time as a friend,
I pray that strength to both of us the good Lord will lend,
Until that wondrous and fateful day when I my blade can rest,
I shall lessen the battle each day as we go along and shall accompany the girl at my own behest.