Moonlight dances through the air
Crackling leaves scream of despair
While under foot their bones shatter
Whispers spoken among the chatter
Phantoms gracfully dance
With partners unseen to glance
Except one
For his partner was visible
And heard every sweet syllable
Whispers spoken to the girl who's ear
Caught something others could not
Suspence grew think and nerves taunt
The almost utter silence was broken by words
Of some phantasm cords
Soon the phantom will have his loved one
Although to the world she's gone
For her she'll finally have the ghost
That wanted her the most
Now she'll never be lonely again
And in eternity without pain
To people that didn't understand
She was dancing by herself to the band
But she continued dancing
Through all the sideways glancing
Cause she was dancing with the one she knew
Would be with her through and through
Always by her side
Not coming and going like the tide
Constant like those stares
She would always be with someone who cares