He walks this earth alone

In his silent grief

He is alone in this world

This dark, dark world

No one dare approach him

No one dare touch him

Not because he is ugly

Nor cruel

But because of the grief

That he bears alone

He plays solitaire

As he wanders this lonely earth

He plays his game

The game he so loves

In pubs and bars and hotels

But he refuses to join any competition

Because he holds the game

And the woman behind it sacred

In his heart

The man who sired him

He thought this man to play

This sacred game

This sacred game

Which took over his life

He has talent;

None have ever beat him

He has skill;

None have ever come close

Why, they ask,

Is he so good?

He doesn't answer

He knows not how

He used to be one of them

Dreaming of riches and fame

Thanks to this sacred game

Then he met her

And fell in love

Suddenly the riches and the fame

Didn't matter any more

She thought him about love

She thought him about life

She thought him how it is to love

And to be loved back

Oh, how he loved her!

With all his passion

And with all his heart;

He would give his life for her!

But the gods

Would not permit this

Stricken with a disease

That could not be healed

He buried her

So beautiful in life,

And so beautiful in death

Since then

He has been wandering this earth

Calling no place home

For he knows that home is in her arms

His calling is to be with her

But alas, she is not here

She is somewhere better,

Somewhere where she is happy.

As he goes along,

In this wretched place of earth

He plays his game

And he whispers her name,

The name of his beloved,

And the name of this sacred game,