The ways of Mother and Father

This joyful world attune and steady
Dawns the colors proclaims its ready
To change before my very eyes
Into the mother from whose eyes
The life force in my body shines

Atop a knoll in view of all
We dance and sing our hopeful song
Renew the light renew the world
Lift hearts high
And tempers crawl
For this time when the sun sits near
When north winds blow begins the year
Even now your children awaken
Hearken to your face mistaken
For the blood red glow of sun
Lift up their voices
The mother has come

Children below their new day dawned
Take up the call and race to spawn
To light the world with bright new faces
And set things right with mothers graces
With genteel ways and celebration
They gather round from every nation
Singing praises and casting spells
To ensure all things are well

With wands and smiles and love abound
They twirl and stomp and dance around
Til the mothers face fades away
They renew their bodies to dance another day

This god of yours blood lust and greed
Whose jealous eyes your worship needs
Whose merciful hand your heart begs touch
Whose wrath and vengeance shakes this earth
You writhe and cry when he grows near
You cry of love when you feel fear
a quieting deep inside your soul

and stories of this god of old
whose son set forth to redeem
whose words mistook by fearful means
whose feet on sacred ground trod
whose body mistaken for god
you cry out when the son was near you worship him with closed ear
ignoring the look of pain that torments him
his words in vain his actions calm and carefully made
your repetition he stoically bade
but yet you see not what he taught
to be like him and worship god
'what ,worship you and not this god?'
ignore the words just smile and nod
when troublesome times my way come
lift up your hands and scream down the sun
beg forgiveness rebuke the sins
and when good times come
start over again?