They dragged him bloodily

He came slowly face cringed in pain
The cries of his followers in vain
The impact of his foot to ground
Sent droplets of his blood running down
They marked the road
And stained the souls
Whose betrayals set him on this path
Through the streets and up the hill
To die alone for all their sins

Is this the day your savior died
You sit here in the pew and cry
You wave fronds at an icon man
With glued on blood and fake nails in his hand
You watch as they perform this play
To mock your savior who died this day
The children on these pews do fear
For the man they knew as George who hangs there
His daughter cries and calls to him
Hand in her mouth tears on her cheeks
She's the only one who understands
The fear and pain to see a man
You love with all you heart hang dead

They dragged him bloodily
Across the asphalt and locked him into a sealed vault
His body somewhere beyond the wall
Disappeared before his daughters call
The mother of this child in pain
Called out her blessed saviors name
She did not see this child slip away
Push through the crowd out on the lawn
And take leave of this unholy ground

Magdalene whose father just died
Whose mother ignores her painful cries
Whose brothers and sisters play far away
Whose love of christ just died today
She saw the pain full tilt ,unshield
This bloody vestige takes time to heal
I saw her when her tears stopped to flow
Step from the yard and street to go
Beyond the cross where her father lay
To join him in this sacred way
She did not flinch
When tires squealed
And horns blared in fear
When george from the parking lot appeared
Still dressed as jesus in bloody robes
Called to his daughter in hopes she hear
The voice of her father drawing near

Slow motion she turned as horns grew frantic
And wheels turned back in hopeless panic
Her fathers face this child did see
A glowing form standing next to he

A parking lot the highway was then
As well groomed men came from a van
And terrified at the sight they did see
They bowed down crying out
To their gods should he
Spare this child and take her in
Cleanse her soul save her from sin
When the crowd ran from the play
And gathered round by where she lay
No tears they shed but confusion rained
And hearts were broke and pain bled free
All anew the story played away
Young Magdalene found
Her father today.

This happened on Friday (good Friday to my Christian friends). A little girl I think she was five or six thought the people at church killed her father, the guy who played jesus. She got scared and ran out into the street where she was struck and killed by a van full of Islamic men and boys.