An uncomfortable silence filled the room. Everyone was waiting, watching. The only sound to be heard was the slow, consistent tick of the clock. With every second that passed, the anticipation grew.

Nobody spoke, even the slightest intake of breath could not be heard. The people waited, nervously eyeing the door through which the jury had passed, what seemed like an eternity before.

The air in the room grew still and heavy. Even outside, as the thunderheads grew, the air did not stir. Not a bird could be heard singing, and the leaves did not rustle. Everything, even nature, seemed to be waiting, holding its breath.

There was but one visage in the courtroom that was unnaturally calm. The man sat, apparently indifferent to the thickness of the air, and the anticipation of the people. He simply sat, unmoving. His eyes appeared sad, yet resigned. This man looked as though he already knew the outcome, and what was more, that it was of no consequence to him. This was the very man who was on trial. It was this man's calm demeanor that made the room all the more unbearable. He seemed hardened and resolved, and unafraid.

Ever so slowly, the door began to open. The breathless crowd looked nervously from the man, to the door, and back again. The man's face remained the same, unmoved. The slight creak of hinges echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls. The jury solemnly filed into the room, and resumed their seats as the first raindrops shattered against the ground.

A thin man stood and faced the judge, but only after slowly looking over the accused. The rain fell more heavily. The man from the jury broke the silence, "Your Honor," the words, although softly spoken, boomed in the silence. "The jury finds the defendant," lightning flashed, and everyone but the accused leaned forward as the man paused, "Guilty." At the moment the word was spoken, the heavens unleashed their fury. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, but not a sound was made in the courtroom. The accused was still unfazed, looking as though he had expected the verdict.

He stood, ever so slowly, and allowed himself to be led away. Before leaving the courtroom, however, the accused had taken one sad look around the room and out the window, where the skies mourned his fate.


Author's Note: This was a Creative Writing exercise I had to do to practice description. *shrugs* Review if you wish.