I awoke with a start, I felt sick and my head felt fit to explode. I felt disorientated and the room, if you can call it that, smelt strange. The alien smells assaulted my senses, scaring me. I hunted vainly for a light switch of some description to shed some light on my cell. My primal instincts were on full alert, but to my undeveloped senses, the smell of disinfectant and cold metal of the shelf upon which I lay made me panicky.

Finally, my searching hands found their target and the room was filled with harsh artificial light illuminating every corner of the cell. Groaning I blinked several times trying to bring the room into focus as it span before my eyes. It cleared and I shakily attempted to get to my feet. This turned out to be a major mistake and I only just made it to the small stainless steel toilet in the corner before the contents of my aching stomach decided to show.

 Something warm and sticky appeared to be trickling down my neck from the aching bump on my head, I knew from the smell of it that it was blood. Not wishing to investigate I crawled back to the metal shelf that purported to be a bed. After which I must have passed out for when I next awoke it was light in my cell and I had company.