Her cough brought my attention away from my beloved New Rocks, I beamed up at her happily. "Ahem, I see you are happy to have those back young one!" I guess my pleased expression said it all. Her voice hardened slightly as if she was issuing an instruction to a school class, "Well here's the deal," Damn! I should have guessed there would be a catch, "We have no more shows of spiteful aggression like we did earlier and you can keep them, however attack anyone and we shall have to take them away…you are being granted a huge privilege no normally given out to those in our care."

 I looked from her face to my boots and back again, she was serious. I considered the deal, my head on one side before hugging my feet in close to my body and nodding vigorously my understanding and acknowledgement. What could I do? She was very much in control of my situation and as much as it pained me to admit it, I was pathetically powerless against her.

She smiled, "well at least that's understood, Oh I almost forgot young one, what do they call you?" I decided that probably being polite was my best bet when dealing with this woman, so clearing my parched throat I replied, "They call me Tianté ma'am" my voice sounded flat in the confines of the cell. "Tianté, that's an unusual name, will you take Ti for short?" I shrugged "I guess" "ma'am" I hurriedly added, hoping she hadn't noticed my slip up. If she had she gave no sign that she had. I gazed at her and a respectful silence filled the small room. "I have to leave you now Ti, don't you forget out little deal young lady, No aggression or you lose the boots."

She turned to leave and much too my embarrassment my stomach let out a hungry grumble, I stumbled over my words in my haste to apologize. I stammered my apologies looking vaguely fearful. To my astonishment and relief she merely laughed at me. "I'm sorry Ti, I forgot you wont have fed for awhile. My apologies." Once more she barked into the intercom and the security guard from earlier entered once more carrying a tray with him. " I'm afraid Ti, we weren't sure what you ate, we know that you consume Human blood on a regular basis but I'm afraid we can't provide that." My face fell, how the hell was I supposed to survive without that badly needed liquid. "We can provide pig's blood, we hope this will prove an acceptable substitute" She watched my reaction with an apologetic look on her face. I managed a weak smile and this seemed to satisfy her. She took the tray from the guard and handed it to me.

 "I'll leave you to your meal Ti, and shall return later on. When you are finished just tell the guard via the intercom and he will come and take it away, Oh and don't try anything dodgy unless you wish to lose those boots of yours." I nodded in acknowledgement and she left. I heard the Mag-lock on the door click and whir until it locked.

I placed the tray on the table in the corner and removed the lid. On it was a stainless steel plate with what claimed to be a Hamburger and some chips. It was the contents of the metal beaker that assaulted my senses and provoked the blood lust in me. I sniffed the contents suspiciously, the women had been telling the truth it was pig's blood but something else appeared to be present. I put it down to the smell of the metal and drank it hungrily, there wasn't nearly enough to satisfy my hunger so I turned my attention to the 'hamburger'. I tried it and spat it out, not a scrap of meat had been within a hundred miles of the thing, processed vegetables that was all. The chips weren't much better either, as they tasted of cardboard.

Snarling slightly in irritation I pulled the burger from the bun and placed the chips in its place. At least it was edible and it took the edge off my hunger. I placed the tray by the door and called the guard in. He smiled at me as he collected the tray; I regarded him with some suspicion causing him to laugh, "you really are quite the suspicious one, aint yuh! You should know I mean you no harm, I don't think it's right they are keeping you locked up here; you should be out roaming with your own kind. Yeah ok so you kill people but I heard that you take only criminals and those who do wrong to others. Am I right with that?"

I nodded slowly starting to trust him. "There is a tradition amongst my kind where a male vampire in his sixteenth birthday must kill an innocent. It's his passage from childhood into manhood. A barbaric tradition as far as I am concerned, my sire Rialtos tried to get me to do the same, but I refused. I think I really hurt his feelings…he went silent on me and wouldn't talk. The rest of the clan members are male and just laughed at me, so I wandered off into the surrounding woods. The next thing I know I'm fighting for what I thought was my life, but when the fight was over and I was pinned I expected the stake through the heart but instead a pair of handcuffs were clapped on my wrists and something hit me on the back of the head…next thing I know I'm here." I turned my back on him, I wasn't going to let him see me cry not after that woman had humiliated me.

"I'm sorry…I didn't mean to upset you…" He looked apologetically at me. "I don't know your name I'm afraid" "Ti" I said abruptly "They call me Ti,"

He mused this over for a bit before handing me a handkerchief, "Come now Ti, don't cry please I didn't mean to upset you like this." I wiped my eyes with the proffered handkerchief and smiled a watery smile at him.

"No, no it's alright I was just thinking about my sire that's all. Don't worry about me; I'm ok honest." I paused before continuing, "Uhm, I appreciate your company but I uh, I don't want to get you in trouble so shouldn't you go back to your post?" His eyes twinkled with pleasure and sighing sadly he said "Aye lass, you have a good heart on you and I guess you're right. If you need anything I'm only an intercom away ok?" I smiled and watched him leave hearing the same whoosh of the door close followed by the click-whir of the Mag-lock as he locked the door behind him.

I stared at the closed door for a bit before yawning heavily. I climbed up onto the metal shelf that claimed to be a 'bed' and curled up to make myself as comfy as possible on the cold steel surface. This was ridiculous, how could I be so tired at this time of day, yawning I closed my eyes and the confines of my prison vanished and my breathing slowed, exhausted I slipped into deep sleep.

It hadn't just been animal blood in that beaker; it had been laced with Nembutine. Nembutine was a highly effective newly developed compound that had an incredible sedative effect. It worked by knocking the recipient unconscious then even if they wake up their brain will remain peaceful and they will have no memory of anything when they recover from it.