The Black Hole Diaries

 We don't exactly know what happened that day that day long ago, but this is based on the video document found from the spaceship remains. We don't know what happened to the spaceship after it went in the black hole, but the document found is from the video diary of two young people, Keira Nova and Joseph Sotas.

September 14

            This video diary was given to me long ago, but I haven't had anything interesting to talk about in here. Today that something interesting came. I admit it's horrible, but it's something to document. First I will tell you who I am so if this is found you will know what happened to us. I am Joseph Mark Sotas I am fourteen and am alone on this spaceship. I have no family here. They're all on earth living a safe life.

      Today though I wished I stayed with my parents. I found the most terrible thing. Our space station is getting sucked into a black hole. Panic swept the space station as everyone heard those words. Even my guy friends were almost in tears. It seems that only Keira and I are calm. We can get out of this, I know it, and the reason everyone is in panic is because we can't get off the space station. If some space shuttle tried to get us then they would be sucked into the hole too.


       Oh! I forgot to tell you about Keira. Keira is one of those strange girls, I think. She likes to sing and dance, but she's tough. Nothing upsets her. I don't like her. She looks very mature because she's pretty tall. Her hazel eyes are pretty nice too they remind me of the trees from back home. Ok yeah, I'm a teenager what can I say?

      On the other hand her personality (at least towards me) is like ice. Every time I pass her she says something mean to me or gives me an evil glare. I don't know what her problem is but I think she hasn't ever forgiven me for breaking her friend's heart.

      I have to find her so I can see if she can help me think of a way to get off the space station. Two enemies unite as they say just to save our lives. What a little to save.

September 14,2500

Oh diary we have the greatest catastrophe. Our space station is going to be devoured by a black hole.  Everyone thinks I'm tough but I'm really nervous. People look up to me but I'm not what they think. I have seen a perfectly calm space station go into a chicken with its head cut off mode. I just don't know what I can do.

        I noticed that the only one other person that is acting calm is the most evil boy on the space station, Joseph Sotas. That boy thinks he's so good, but he's not. He made my friend's heart break. He led her on. Gosh I hate him, but he's the only one that can help me. The thing is how am I supposed to ask him for help?


                                        Yours in hope,

                                                       Keira Nova

September 15,2500

I'm back video journal. I tried to find Keira all day, but it seemed she had just missed me every time. I think we both know that we need to try to get along and make a plan to save us.



September 15, 2500

        Diary I tired to find him all day, Joseph that is. I did see him a couple times but he was with his friends every time, but come on what would you have done? You wouldn't have wanted to ask to talk to him alone either.

                                    Very upset,                                      


September 16, 2500

      I decided to phone Keira to get a place to meet. While the phone was ringing my heart raced. Why it raced I have no clue. Finally Keira picked up. She told me to meet her at her room tomorrow at eight a.m. So I'll wait in anticipation till tomorrow . . .



September 16, 2500

        Diary its' wonderful! Right as I was thinking about how I could be with Joseph alone the phone rang. Try to guess who it was? Joseph! I swear he read my mind. The thing is how did he get my number? Well, anyway I told him to come to my house tomorrow at eight a.m.  So till tomorrow diary.



September 17, 2500

      I woke up feeling peaceful, but then I remembered what was happening. I then realized that I was almost late for meeting Keira. I rushed down to her room. Right before I knocked on the door it flew open. It was Keira. She was physic I swear. So we went in her room and started brainstorming ideas.

"Maybe, I said, we could use the space ship that we have to shoot off so fast that we don't get pulled back in the black hole's gravity."

"That's highly improbable that we would escape the gravity, but it seemed like our only hope." Keira replied.

The thing I wondered the most was how we were going to get a hold of the space ship with out anyone noticing  . . .


September 17, 2500

Dear Diary,


        Today Joseph came over but of course he was late. Why does he have to be the only calm one? Well anyway we thought of an idea, well actually he thought of it. It's a great idea but I would never admit it to him. He said we could take the space ship that's connected to the space station; we could sneak on it with our friends and family and shoot off into space leaving the black holes gravitational pull. That's an amazing idea I think. But even sneaking on the ship will be hard so I don't know what we're going to do . . .



September 18, 2500

      I told my friends about the idea of how to get off the space ship. They said I was crazy and that they'd rather die together than alone. They're the crazy ones. They have a chance to live and they're not taking it. It might just be Keira and me on the space ship . . ……



September 18, 2500

Dear Diary,


        I am so frustrated. No one will come with me on the space ship . . . That means it will only be Joseph, his friends, and I  . . . I don't know if I should go without my family. I don't know if I would be able to live with myself if I left them to die.




September 19

      We found out we only have two more days till we will be totally engulfed by the black hole. I called Keira and told her that we must leave tonight. I'm glad my dad was a pilot. I mean how much different could a space ship be then an air plane……


 September 19

Dear Diary,

                                             Tonight I have to make the hardest choice; I must leave my family forever. I wont get to say good-bye.  I'm very worried if even Joseph and I will be able to escape the gravitational pull. I pray we will get out….. Well it's time to go.



That night

        Diary, It's both of us here, Keira and Joseph. We're about to start the space ship. So far it has been a hard journey, we almost got caught sneaking on the ship.

        Keira was crying when I met up with her.

      No I wasn't.

        Yes you were.

        Ok maybe I was a little.

        Ha! I was right as usual.

        Ok Joseph start the ship already.

        Ok there's a lot of buttons here. Um, I think this one starts the ship.

        You think that's the one! You said you could fly a space ship.

        Well, actually I don't, but my dad was a pilot.

        Gosh, I don't need this right now.

        I figured it out Keira. It's going to be fine. I'm going to push the buttons now. Sit down Keira. We're going to be going at top speeds.

        Ahh! We're going fast. I think I'm going to be sick.

        Throw up the other way.

        Why did the ship stop? Joseph I'm scared.

        Keira what I'm about to tell you is going to freak you out.


We are getting pulled even faster into the black hole.

This can't be happening.

We only have four minuets before we are totally engulfed by the black hole.


        Keira calm down, we need to say good-bye before we hit the darkness.


        Mom, dad I know you haven't seen me for four years, but I really miss you and before the camera is destroyed o wanted to tell you.

        Mom, dad, and all my friends, I love you so much.  We tried to be brave, but we failed. I know you might miss us, but we'll see you again.

        Well this is Keira and Joseph…

        Wait Joseph! I've got to tell you something before we hit the darkness. Joseph, I forgive you for everything and you are the best guy ever. Every time I try to look at you I can't look into your eyes. What I'm trying to say is…..

        That was the end of the tape. So we don't know what happened to them. So we give you this to think about. If you were going to die today, what would you do? Would you forgive your enemy or just keep fighting with them.