With my fathers blessing

From my standpoint on high I watch
As lives flow by in a blinking
The world as we knew it has long since died
There are new wonders to behold
And the marvels of old has faded into dust
And blown away

I do not see those splendid mounds carved from hollowed ground
And raised by callused hands into the sky
Whose face I see from mountain tops and desert sands
Worn smooth by wind and rain
And he whose name that once all knew has been replaced

Where have you gone old friends
Old marvels of these lands
Your children and their children has lost their spots
Looking down now on the melee
I can not help but shed such tears
For all I knew and thought I've known
lives on this earth no more
All knowledge of my world
Those ancient souls and dry dust bones
Those stricken ones
Whose land is gone
Whose name is gone and seed is gone
Whose touch once formed this land of myth
And shaped the earth to yield such bliss

The wonders now are something new
But all the same to those whose seen
Skeletal towers in sun do gleam
Metal phalluses assault dark skies
And all the love of land once prized
Has been burnt out or paved over
Imported spectacles dazzle the eyes
Which once upon a time beheld
The wonders of an ancient realm

With my fathers blessing
I set forth into this world
My presence restores what once was here
And once was old now made anew
For all those wretched souls
Who grew large on profit
Gleamed from this land
Land of fathers land of sand