A swirling black pool sucks away the little children of the mind,
Its hunger is immeasurable as it rushes upwards from the place of demons,
This evil creation that I once nurtured now I see for the first time.

I try to turn and run but already it has ensnared my soul,
Burning black chains that are tied to my soul draw me down into the inky abyss,
I try to cry out in sorrow and fear but my voice becomes a boiling torrent of filth.

My being is a slave to this horrible minion of darkness that I have conjured forth,
I knew not the evil that I would bring forth when I first cradled this entity,
Now its poisonous grasp chills my heart of hearts as my frame twists and contorts itself,

I am no longer myself for I have been possessed by this foul being that clutches my mind,
It has latched onto my heart and slices into me pumping a vile liquid into my blood,
I burn with anger and a fog clouds my mind as numbing fury rushes through my veins,

I have lost part of myself to this creature I know that now as the anger fades slowly away,
I sink to my knees and wonder at what I have become while in the darkness the being laughs,
It knows that I have forgotten the chains and the claws that, even now, still enslave my soul,

As it slips back into the shadows of my being my frame cracks and bends as I relax slightly,
Yet one part of me remains bent and askew, I see my mind's eye and I wonder at it silently,
Why does it remain so, I ask, why does it remain in fog and smoke and shadow I wonder,

In the silent regions of my soul the abomination chuckles still while I wonder, but then I peer closer,
The laughter stops as I see the chains, it begins to scream as I wipe away the fog with a page of Posy,
It howls in despair as I see the chains and when the chains shatter the being fades away.

Thus fall hatred.