Summer Party

Can you smell the brownie batter
Churning in the kitchen?
Four strong hands
Spin slowly in unison
Once in a while,
A finger dips in
And is sneaked into a naughty mouth
The patter of bare feet
Dancing across the patio
To the flimsy beat of the radio
Hot dogs smoking on the grill
The air heavy with Citronella
And the lazy talk
Of summer
The men sit around watching football
Scratching their hairy bellies
With a beer in hand
The women talk Tupperware
And Jazzercise and menopause
The kids fall asleep upstairs
In front of a Disney movie
Big sister and her teenage friends
Lay around the pool
Splashing and flirting
I sit in my corner of
The screened-in deck
And observe it all
The night is young