Dream Lover

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was during my last few years in high school that I had met the most beautiful woman on this very planet Earth named Bonnie Wallace,who just happens to be the exact duplicate of the Gilligan's Island actress named Dawn Wells.

Now,in real life,Bonnie and I were just good friends,but in my dreams and fantasies,she was more than just a friend,for in my dream world,the both of us had became true lovers.

In one such fantasy,we would go over to her house to do some homework and notice that her parents are not home yet,which gives us the peace and quiet to study uninterrupted.

We would sit down at the kitchen table and drink glasses of chocolate milk,while we're studying our biology,only to have her pet cat leap up to the table and knock Bonnie's glass off the table and on her lap.

After she gets the cat out of the kitchen,she goes upstairs to her bedroom,while I stay and clean up the mess that the cat made.

Just then,after I've cleaned up the mess in the kitchen,I would go upstairs and see if Bonnie's okay,only to discover that after she had removed all of her clothes and placed them in her laundry hamper,she's about to put on a robe and go take a shower in the bathroom.

But when we look into each other's eyes and notice that something is stirring within us,we would step closer to each other,wrapped our arms around our bodies and give ourselves a most passionate kiss on the lips.

After the kiss,I would take off all of my clothes and place myself and Bonnie on her bed,before we would allow ourselves to experience the most erotic moment ever in recorded history.

I would kiss her on the lips,cheek and neck,while I would touch all over her nude body.

We would enjoy our moment of pure sexuality to its upmost,until we would collapse due to exhaustion and fall asleep in each other's naked arms.

And in that one fantasy,both Bonnie and I would get married and live happily ever after.

Well,one thing is for sure,even though she'll only be a good friend in real life,she'll always be a dream lover to me--no matter what.